Ghost at the Door: Beginner’s Guide (How to play)

An all new Ghost At The Door game on Roblox lets you explore a chilling world where you’re not just serving up treats, you’re fending off a monstrous trick-or-treater with a serious door-bashing habit.

Don’t worry, though, I’m here with this Ghost at the Door guide to take you through the basics and help you survive this spooky standoff.

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How to play Ghost at the Door

Pick Your Room

Upon entering the game, your first task is to select a room. With several options available, each room comes with unique items offering specific buffs and defensible layouts.

The objective is simple but crucial – defend your door at all costs. However, the boss is relentless and won’t hesitate to break down your door if given the chance. Remember, a sturdy door is your lifeline, so prioritize upgrades!


The Boss Mechanics

Tick-tock, tick-tock… the clock’s counting down until the big baddie shows up. The Boss wants nothing more than to smash down your door and say hello (in the creepiest way possible).

He’ll bounce between players, trying to break down your defenses one by one. If your door crumbles, it’s game over for you. However, there’s hope – attack the boss with turrets, and if you hit hard enough, the boss will retreat to heal.

Tools of the Trade

Inside your room, you’ll find various items to help in your survival. Turrets are your primary weapons against the boss, costing candy to build and upgrade. The Chair generates candy currency, which is crucial for maintaining your defenses.

Also, the Pumpkin generates flame currency, which can be upgraded to speed up flame production. Don’t neglect your door – upgrading it is essential for defending against the relentless boss attacks.

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Pro Tips for Spooky Success

  • Teamwork is crucial: Coordinate with other survivors, share resources, and focus fire on the boss.
  • Upgrade smartly. Prioritize your door and turrets, but don’t forget sweet buffs from your chair and pumpkin.
  • Keep an eye on the prize: Watch the boss’s level and adapt your strategy accordingly. A level 10 boss needs way more firepower than a level 2!
  • Don’t be afraid to bail: If your door is looking worse for wear and the boss is hot on your heels, sometimes a strategic retreat is the best defense.

So, there you have it! With these tips and a good dose of teamwork, you’ll be giving a tough challenge to your enemies in no time.

Remember, in Ghost At The Door, it’s all about strategy, firepower, and maybe a little bit of luck.