WEIRD STRICT BOSS Beginners Guide: How to play the game?

We’re back with your daily dose of Roblox grind. Today’s target: WEIRD STRICT BOSS. This game isn’t your typical office sim, this is a full-on hunger games for TPS reports and printer paper.

But worry not, because we’re going to help you with our knowledge on how to dominate this game like a total boss (pun intended).

In this WEIRD STRICT BOSS guide, we’re going to show you how to:

  • Outsmart the snoozing boss (don’t judge his couch-nap choices, tho)
  • Fuel the generator like a pro (because darkness is bad for your productivity)
  • Dodge the boss’s wrath like a ninja master (printer paper shurikens optional)
  • Become the ultimate office champion (and maybe even get a $5 bonus, if you’re lucky)

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Roblox WEIRD STRICT BOSS: Walkthrough & Guide

Dress to Impress

Before you start your workday, make sure to pick out the ideal office outfit for your Roblox character. You want to look super stylish and ready for corporate action. Don’t forget the special accessories – they will give you extra power.

Entering the Office

Once you’re all glammed up, jump into the game and head straight for Office Number One. Click the “V” key to unlock your cursor, and now you’re ready to take on the office world.

Basic Office Tasks

Your character has needs such as thirst, hunger, and oxygen. Keep an eye on these bars as they deplete over time.

The boss will give you tasks that you have to complete like picking up garbage, refilling the generator with gasoline, and consuming snacks to satisfy your hunger. Make sure to complete them all to keep the boss happy.

Surviving the Boss Checks

The boss will periodically wake up to check if you’re working. When the boss wakes up, you must be in the downstairs office working to avoid consequences.

Use the cameras to see where the boss is located and plan your movements accordingly. If you see her moving, use the room PC to track the boss location and stay one step ahead.

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Surviving the Night

The boss will announce that you have to stay overnight, but don’t worry! Keep an eye on your oxygen, thirst, and hunger bars. Sprint to stay alive, grab chips to fill up your hunger, and drink water to quench your thirst to survive the night.

Monitoring Oxygen Levels

The generator provides oxygen to the office. So you need to ensure that the generator is fueled to maintain a steady oxygen supply. You can use the room PC to check the oxygen levels and act accordingly.

Make sure the oxygen stays at 100% and fill it up with gasoline whenever needed. This will keep you breathing smoothly throughout the night.

Facing Consequences

If you fail to meet the boss’s expectations during a check, you may face consequences such as losing health or, in extreme cases, getting caught slacking and experiencing a game over.

If you manage to survive the night, congrats! You’ve officially conquered the WEIRD STRICT BOSS! Enjoy the victory dance and celebrate your hard work.