Picayune Dreams Statues Guide for Beginners 2024

Ever stumbled upon a shimmering statue in your run, unsure if it’s a ticket to godhood or a one-way trip to the void? Fear not, this Picayune Dreams Statues guide will shed light on these mysterious monoliths and their effects.

We have explained every statue in the game. The guide is completely beginner-friendly and contains no spoilers aside from a few, minor gameplay ones.

Without ado, let’s get started!

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The Good, the Bad, and the Cursed:

Not all statues are created equal. Some, like the Berseker, shower you with random stat boosts, while others, like the ominous Consequences, offer power at a price (hello, buffed boss!).

The key is to understand the telltale signs: statues radiating dark red flashes are guaranteed curse-givers, so tread carefully.

Curse? Curse! What’s the Big Deal?

Cursed opponents are like your regular enemies on steroids – faster, stronger, and generally a pain in the, well, you get the idea.

But they’re not all bad news. Defeating them nets you XP, and some builds thrive on the challenge. However, in high Overdrive levels, their speed can become your downfall, so proceed with caution.

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of all the statues in the Picayune Dreams game:

Picayune Dreams Statues Guide


Random stat boost, but disappears after one use. Great for early-game power spikes, but use it wisely!

+6% of 3 random base stats and +1% Curse.

The statue can only be used a single time before disappearing. It can also give the same stat twice in a single use, like “+6 pickup radius” followed by “+6 pickup radius”, it’s random.

So, two examples of possible outcomes:

  • +6% maximum health; +6% pickup radius; +6% cooldown.
  • +6% weapon speed; +6% weapon size; +6% weapon size.


Level up, but the next boss gets swole. Use it strategically to avoid turning the final showdown into a nightmare.

Gives a Level Up pickup while adding 10% to the next boss’ health and 10 points to its damage.

If more than one level up is picked from a single statue, the boss health will be increased by x1.2, x1.3, and then x1.4[…], and damage will be increased by 10 points each time you use it too.

So it goes 20 damage (10 base + 10 from the first time the statue is used in a row), 30, 40[…].
It is said that in a run the limit is 3 or 4. Need information on that.

Important note: It is only for the next boss. Subsequent bosses are not affected.


Trade stuff you don’t need for potentially better stuff (think Marie Kondo for your inventory).

Exchange items on the left for the ones on the right. The item on the right is chosen randomly at the statue’s appearance. The amount of the right will be 150% of the amount of the left item, rounded down, except when the left one is only one, then the one on the right will be 2.

The amount of the item on the left will be everything you have of it, meaning that if you do the trade you’ll lose the item on the left completely, thus leaving the slot free.


Halve your curse, or banish it completely if it’s low enough.

Trade a Blackhole for halving the current Curse %.

If Statue of Dispel is used at Curse: 1% or less the curse will disappear completely.


Trade max item slots for stat boosts. Perfect for streamlined builds, but remember, less is sometimes more.

+5% to every stat but -1 max item limit

And there’s more!

  • Execution: Costs a Blackhole to temporarily remove a pesky enemy. Bonus XP is a sweet side dish.
  • Experience: +5% XP modifier and +10% XP radius. Boost your XP gain and suck up XP from afar.
  • Gambler: +1 Level up in exchange for Dice, but be warned, the price keeps going up.
  • History: Nuke the entire enemy population and reduce Mortality by 1.00 (for 100 seconds) at the cost of 1 Blackhole.

Bonus Tip: Remember, knowledge is power. Keep an eye out for flashing lights and cryptic symbols on the statues. They often hint at their effects, saving you from unwanted stat swaps or surprise curse infestations.