Picayune Dreams Weapons Tier List Guide for Beginners 2024

Tired of getting swarmed by enemies and constantly on the defence? Wish you could clear rooms effortlessly and keep enemies at bay. Our Picayune Dreams Weapons Tier List can help you dominate every encounter in this action roguelike space war game.

This weapons tier list reveals the hidden potential of each weapon, highlighting its strengths, weaknesses, and synergy with powerful upgrades.

So, let’s get started!

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Picayune Dreams Tier List: Best Weapons Guide (2024)

Picayune Dreams weapons tier list

Tier S

Flamethrower: One of the best weapons IMO. Guaranteed Fire status and high damage means it melts whatever you point this thing at. Combined with Battery Lick and other potential electric upgrades like the Eel or Plasma Lamp, you can get a potentially disgusting combo of having enemies frozen in place and getting hit extra hard.

Angel Wings: The absolute MVP. Don’t be fooled by the low damage, as the knockback more than makes up for it. This thing, with enough upgrades, can keep hordes at bay on its own. Combine it with CD% and you can just go make coffee while Cyl takes out the trash.

Tier A

Slime Spike: Excellent crowd control. Combine that with Projectile Size and Speed, and that’ll not only deal decent damage but also keep enemies at bay with its decent knockback. In combination with Angel Wings, it’ll keep anything that gets too close out of your personal space.

Ultrabuster: Weirdly enough it looks like it takes advantage of the CORE upgrades I mentioned earlier, but I need to check on that. Overall, this is a pretty good weapon that doesn’t do anything fancy besides being a good burst damage.

CORE: To take advantage of the CORE upgrades mentioned in the Loadout segment, CORE can do quite a lot of work for you. Think of it as a shotgun, as anything with a large enough hitbox can get hit by multiple bullets at once. In that aspect, Weapon Size will help a lot.

Tier B

Chain Belt: Another solid pick. Has an extremely short range in the beginning, so prioritize getting a couple of upgrades in it early on. After a while, with Slime Spike and enough Weapon Size upgrades, you make a wall of death.

Plasma Lamp: Make sure that anything that comes too close will be frozen. This acts as extra security for when Angel Wings doesn’t have enough upgrades to keep you safe on its own.

Tier C

Leg Saw: Excellent horde-clearing weapon, taking good advantage of Weapon Size% and able to go through everything on the screen. Its main goal is to trigger Crits and Shock across the screen.

Eye2: It is an amazing weapon that goes through anything it hits. It works great with elemental damage, capable of triggering it through a bunch of enemies, as well as Crits.

That’s all for today! With this tier list, you’ll be slicing, dicing, and dominating your enemies!

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