Pirate’s Destiny Fruits Tier List Wiki – Best Fruits Guide

Pirate’s Destiny is a new and trending Roblox game released by The Great Pirates Group. It is inspired by the popular anime and manga series One Piece. In the game, you can create your own pirate characters and start exploring the seas for hidden treasures.

One of the most important things in Pirate’s Destiny is Fruits. They give you special abilities that can be used in combat and exploration.

There are many different fruits in Pirate’s Destiny, each with its own unique set of powerful abilities. Some fruits are better for combat, while others are better for exploration or support.

In this Pirate’s Destiny Fruits tier list, we will rank all of the fruits based on their rarity and overall usefulness.

How to Use This Pirate’s Destiny Tier List?

This tier list is meant to serve as a basic guideline for players who are trying to choose which fruit they should use. The tier list is based on my own testing and experience, but it’s crucial to remember that it’s subjective and not necessarily applicable to everyone.

It is also important to note that the rarity of a fruit does not necessarily correlate with its power. There are some rare fruits that are not very good, and there are some common fruits that are very good.

Roblox Pirate's Destiny Fruits Tier List
Fruits tier list

Roblox Pirate’s Destiny Fruits Tier List

The S tier is the highest tier in the Pirate’s Destiny fruit tier list. It is reserved for the best fruits in the game, which are powerful and rare. The following are the fruits in the S tier:

S Tier Fruits (Legendary 8%)

  • Cursed Fruit of Smoke: It lets you create and control smoke, and even turn into smoke yourself! You can use it to attack enemies, defend yourself, and move around quickly.
  • Cursed Fruit of Flame: It lets you control fire, even making your body out of fire! You can use it to attack enemies or just look cool.
  • Cursed Fruit of Ice: Allows you create and control ice at will, use it to perform powerful attacks, and even turn your body into ice!
  • Cursed Fruit of Sand: Helps you control sand and turn your body into sand. You can use it to create powerful attacks and do all sorts of other cool things.
  • Cursed Fruit of Light: The Cursed Fruit of Light gives the power to control the light at will and perform with it countless powerful attacks, as well as turn one’s body into pure light and travel at its speed.

A Tier Fruits (Rare 22%)

The following are the fruits in the A tier:

  • Cursed Fruit of Love: The Cursed Fruit of Love gives the power to control the feelings of others and bewitch them.
  • Cursed Fruit of Barrier: Gives you the power to create and control force fields and barriers and perform with it, countless powerful attacks and the ultimate defense.
  • Cursed Fruit of Explosion: The Cursed Fruit of Explosion gives the power to create explosions at will and perform countless destructive attacks.
  • Cursed Fruit of Pieces: Gives you the power to turn one’s body into countless pieces and manipulate each of them at will.

B Tier Fruits (Common 70%)

  • Cursed Fruit of Weight: The Cursed Fruit of Weight gives the power to control one’s weight at will and perform powerful attacks and even levitate.
  • Cursed Fruit of Invisibility: Gives you the power to turn one’s body invisible to any other eye.

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