Roblox Pirate’s Destiny Beginner Guide & Wiki (2024)

Pirate’s Destiny is a brand new One Piece-themed Roblox game that’s making headlines. I spent some great time with it soon after its debut and let me drop the beans on this journey.

To be honest, it doesn’t quite reach the point for me visually. It has amazing gaming mechanics and creative concepts, although it looks a little old. Still, don’t let that deter you because there’s plenty of treasure hidden beneath the surface.

So, without ado, let’s get started!

Pirate’s Destiny Beginner Guide

You kick off by selecting a Race and then creating your own character, with a decent range of faces and hairdos. Personal tip: choose wisely; you’re going to be stuck with this look for a while.

customizing your character
Customizing your character

Devs The Barber

With all the latest technology, Devs The Barber will allow you to do everything you ever wish about your looks! Here’s the menu:

  • Face
  • Skin Tone
  • Hair
  • Clothes
  • Race


In Devs’ Barbershop, you can make use of the latest plastic surgery technology to change your eyes, mouth and nose!


Here, you can also shop for professionally tailored clothing for any of your body parts!


With the Color SelectorTM, brought to you by Devs Industries, you can pick any color from the selection board to change anything that allows coloring! From your eye pupils, to your clothes, hair… you pick!


The latest advancement in Biology allows you to modify your anatomy completely. As of now, being such a prestigious and high-cost technology, it requires a currency known only to the World Government, costing 100 Robux per use.

  • Chance: 70%
  • Chance: 15%
  • Chance: 10%
  • Chance: 5%

Setting Off on Your Pirate Journey

Once you’re all decked out, you’ll start your journey by talking to a Fisherman. He’ll set you on your path, and off you go. Be prepared for some Bandit bashing, as they’ve been causing trouble in town. Completing quests, like delivering apples, earns you experience points to level up.

Combat Conundrum

Leveling is easy, and the game feels pretty responsive. Combat, on the other hand, can feel a little cumbersome, especially when fighting Bandits.

There is a cooldown after combos, which makes it feel less fluid, but I’m hoping that this will be fixed in future updates.

Talking to NPCs

Talking to NPCs
NPCs in Pirate’s Destiny

There are NPCs scattered around the game, each with unique missions and backstories to share. This gives Pirate’s Destiny with a strong sense of progression and depth.

Some common NPCs that you will see are:

  • Marine Trainer
  • Fort Captain
  • Delivery Man
  • Villager
  • Chief Villager

And don’t worry, it’s not a pay-to-win scenario; in fact, the in-game prices are quite reasonable.

Harnessing Fruit Powers

Harnessing Fruit Powers
Fruit Powers in Pirate’s Destiny

Fruits have unique qualities in the One-Piece universe, and this game is no exception. You’ll come across many kinds of fruits, each with special exceptional qualities. It’s like finding buried treasure every time you spot a new one!

Here is the list of Fruits available in the game:

  • Fragmented Fruits
  • Cursed Fruit of Invisibility
  • Cursed Fruit of Weight
  • Cursed Fruit of Pieces
  • Cursed Fruit of Explosion
  • Cursed Fruit of Barrier
  • Cursed Fruit of Love
  • Cursed Fruit of Light
  • Cursed Fruit of Sand
  • Cursed Fruit of Ice
  • Cursed Fruit of Flame
  • Cursed Fruit of Smoke

Moreover, Fruits are ranked based on their rarities – Legendary, Rare, and Common. To know more about the Fruits, check out Pirate’s Destiny Fruits tier list.

Using Weapons

Using Weapons
Weapons in Pirate’s Destiny

In Pirate’s Destiny, your quest to become the most powerful pirate depends heavily on your arsenal of weapons. Let’s explore all that you have available:


The Cutlass is as simple as a sword can be – your typical “Pirate Sword”.

  • [M1] En Garde!
  • [Z] Elbow Smash
  • [X] Air Slash


The Mace is your best pick if you want to knock some sense onto your enemies and out of them too.

  • [M1] Skol!
  • [Z] Steel Leap
  • [X] Steel Hurricane
  • [C] Steel Smash


The Katana is, perhaps, the sharpest blade in the market. Also, the most… exquisite, for say.

  • [M1] Banzai!
  • [Z] Rising Phoenix
  • [X] Crescent Dash
  • [C] Dragon’s Quake
  • [V] Raging Fury


Claws are a katars-like weapon used by the Black Cats, an intriguing and quite notorious French crew.

  • [M1] Montjoie Saint Denis!
  • [Z] Panther’s Leap
  • [X] Silent Slash
  • [C] Panther’s Rage


Jitte is an interesting weapon made by an unknown Blacksmith with the rare material Oceanite.

  • [M1] Hooah!
  • [Z] Jab
  • [X] Multi Jab
  • [C] Whack

Shark Blade

The Shark Blade is a sword-like weapon used by Arlong “The Shark King” and built from the very teeth he eats his humans with.

  • [M1] Alala!
  • [Z] Nose Dive
  • [X] Impale
  • [C] Overhead Slam

Axe Blade

A trade for power. The loss of half an arm for an always-present powerful blade. Used only by “Axe Hand” Morgan.

  • [1] Axe Smash
  • [2] Axe Rotation

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started in Pirates Destiny:

  • Join a guild: Joining a guild is a great way to meet other players and get help with the game. Guilds also offer a variety of benefits, such as increased experience gain and access to exclusive items.
  • Upgrade your gear: As you level up, you will be able to purchase new and better gear. Upgrading your gear will make you stronger and help you defeat more powerful bosses like Buggy “The Clown” or Kuro “The Panther”.
  • Learn how to use your skills: Each race has a variety of unique skills. Learning how to use your skills effectively will give you a significant advantage in combat.

I’m still learning about the game, but I’m happy to help other players in any way that I can. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

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