Risk of Rain Returns: How to hit the GRIDDY

Ready to master the art of the Griddy in Risk of Rain Returns? Here, I will walk you through the process step by step, ensuring you can execute this iconic move with precision and style.

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1. Pick HAN-D

HAN-D was designed to be a Janitor Bot, but he should have replaced chef, because he actually cooks with his moves. But on a serious note, HAN-D is the only character who can hit the Griddy, so we need to pick him. I find it pretty good for game balance to limit such a powerful ability to only on character in the game, though.

Choose your character

2. Load into the game

Start your run on any difficulty you like and with any artefacts. If somebody tells you, you are a kitty for playing on Drizzle, respond with: “DUCK YOU, AIN’T NOBODY TELLING ME HOW I SHOULD ENJOY THE GAME”.


3. Jump

Now proceed to jump repeatedly from Side to Side while swinging your Hands. HIT THE GRIDDY, HIT THE GRIDDY BOIII.

I said right Foot Creep, ooh, I’m walking with that Heater
Look around, stay low, make sure they don’t see you
Catch em bad, walk down, face em with that Heater
The Devil under your feet, you’re on your way to see him



Now you know how to hit the Griddy. Make sure to use it, as it increases the Skill of a Player by 1000% and also increases the chance for Legendary items. 😉