Roblox A Piece Tier List for 2024 – Best Fruits & Swords

Choosing a fruit or sword in the A Piece game can be difficult because you might not know how good they are. That’s why we made a Roblox A Piece tier list to help you. In this we have ranked all the fruits and swords in the game so you can pick the best one.

So far A Piece is the most liked One Piece game on Roblox out of all the games that have been published on the platform. In this game your ultimate aim will be to become the king of the pirates. For that you’ll have to obtain powerful fruits and find legendary swords which will help you to defeat extremely powerful opponents.

Roblox A Piece Tier List

Below you will find our newest tier list of the best fruits and swords currently in the A Piece game. We have dived them from S-tier to D-tier, based on their rarity, damage output, and special abilities.

Best Fruits Tier List

Tier Rank Fruit Name
S-tier Dark Cosmic, Gilgamesh,
A-tier Phoenix, Tremor, Light
B-tier Dark, Ice, Star Platinum, Lightning
C-tier Bomb, Flame, Gravity
D-tier Bari, Blood

Best Swords Tier List

Tier Rank Sword Name
S-tier Yamato
A-tier Katana, Chastiefol
B-tier Yoru, Gryphon
C-tier Excalibur
D-tier Two Katana Style, Three Katan Style

A Piece Tier List FAQs, Answered

Which is the best sword in the game?

Yamato Sword in Roblox A Piece game

Yamato is the best sword in the game. It can only be obtained after unlocking Yamato Rewards. Yamato is an exclusive weapon that is very powerful and posses unique skills and abilities. That’s why it is considered the best weapon and is at the top our tier list rankings.

  • Rarity: Mythical
  • AKA: Boss Sword
  • Abilities: M1s, Judgement Cuts, and Judgement Cut End.

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Which is the recommended sword for a beginner?

Gryphon sword in Roblox A Piece game

In Roblox A Piece game, the most recommended sword for a beginner player is the Gryphon.

  • 15% drop fromSaber
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Aka: Boss Sword
  • Note: It gives you the sword instantly after you kill the boss. Not an orb.
  • Moves: M1s, Heaven Splitter, Heaven Cut.

Some of the fruits or swords mentioned on this page might be hard to get. You may need to play the game a lot or spend money or Robux to get them. However, you can also use A Piece codes to get extra benefits faster.

This Roblox A Piece tier list will be updated as more updates are announced by the developers.