Roblox Anime Rangers Units Tier List (Best Characters)

Anime Rangers has been out for a while now, and after roughly 90 hours of grinding, it’s clear who the best units in this tower defense game are. Here is the full Anime Rangers tier list, which ranks all the game’s units.

Anime Rangers is shaping up to be one of the best tower defense game on Roblox where you can collect these powerful anime fighters — like Goku and Luffy!

Next, the real issue is that enemies attack you in waves, so you need to position your rangers very carefully so they can use their powerful strikes and force them to retreat.

You may have Ichigo flashing his enormous sword next to Naruto spamming shadow clones. It’s essentially a dream team throw down from anime!

There are a lot more characters coming down the road. For now, here’s our full-tier list for Anime Rangers.

Full Anime Rangers Tier List

SSader Full Form level 75 [MAX], Susuna D, level 2 ULTRA, Ase level 1 RARE, Ralngogu level 1 RARE
AYammi level 1 RARE, Susuna level 10 LEGENDARY, Gujo level 2 LEGENDARY, Sader level 1 RARE
BSunuma level 1 RARE, Weak Gonus level 1 UNCOMMON, Gonus level 1 EPIC
CKoku level 1 COMMON, Emminu level 1 RARE, Fujutoru level 1 RARE
DKuzari level 1 EPIC, Yaju level 9 UNCOMMON, Red Hair level 1 EPIC, Fuffy level 1 COMMON, Tannyro level 1 COMMON
ERikitu level 1 UNCOMMON, Mero level 1 COMMON, Koaiku level 1 UNCOMMON
FZazaku level 1 UNCOMMON, Rono level 1 COMMON

Which is the best unit in Anime Rangers?

Ase is the BEST unit in Anime Rangers for the following reasons:

  • Ase is a good crowd control option. The attack type is AOE Ranged, which means he can hit multiple enemies at once from a distance. His ability, “Fire Flys,” is further good at controlling enemy movement or dealing damage over time.
  • His damage is also on the decent side. At 35 damage, he is one of the strongest attacker.
  • Ase is very fast. A Speed stat of 12 means he can reposition quickly if needed.

All of this said, just choose what interests to you. If having an S-Tier choice makes a character more tempting to play for you, then do so. If you want to play Koku regardless of the fact that he had been in a very weak state when released, go for it!

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