Type://Revenge Scrolls Tier List & Guide for Beginners

I just stumbled upon something weird. Like, mind-bending, existential-crisis-inducing weird. It all started with this obscure Roblox game called Type://Revenge.

This game is sentient. I swear. The characters talk back, the levels shift based on your choices, and the deeper you go, the more it feels like the game is messing with you.

Like, it knows your fears, your regrets, and it uses them to craft this twisted narrative of revenge.

Anyway, today I’ll be talking mainly about this Type://Revenge scrolls tier list guide that you can use for help in fighting against all the evils opponents.

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Type://Revenge: All Scrolls Guide

A scroll has a 1/4000 chance to spawn every 3 seconds, and will play a hint for when one has spawned, and furthermore will be logged in ⁠scroll-logs channel, open for everyone to see

Scrolls randomly spawn around the map (Hueco, Wanden or Soul Society). Scrolls will despawn after 450 seconds of not being found/picked up.

Scroll of The Challenger — A

Once used, links you and an opponent (must be of a different faction) to each other. You’re the only person that can hit that person, and that person is the only person that can hit you.

Scroll of Spiritual Application — B

50 kido + sr requirement. Once used, exert a mass burst of reiatsu, pushing all targets near backwards.

Scroll of Shock Flash — S

50 kido + quincy. Once used, flash a target with a burst of reiatsu, temporarily blind their screen for a short duration.

Scroll of Shadow Slice — A

50 kido + quincy requirement. Once used, perform a swift black slash with your weapon, applying the shadow status affect.

Scroll of Technique Amplification — B

50 speed requirement. Once used, move at blinding speeds, slashing any foe in front of you.

Scroll of Sword Dance — S

50 speed requirement. Once used, perform a series of slashes completely cutting up your opponent.

Scroll of World Cleave — S

50 kendo requirement. Once used, perform a devastating downward slash, completely cutting any target in front of you.

Scroll of Widow — B

50 medic requirement. Once used, dash backwards, simultaneously slashing your target. (Applies the bloody canvas status effect)

Scroll of Jab — A

50 hakuda requirement. Once used, dash forward, performing a clean punch to the gut.

Scroll of Save — C

50 medic requirement. Once used, drag an ally or foe towards you. (Can be used on knocked players)

Scroll of Dual Bone — A

50 hakuda requirement. Once used, flash step at blinding speeds towards, palming them in the stomach and knocking them backwards.

Scroll of Ground Cero — S

50 kido + arrancar requirement. Once used, charge a condense ball of reiatsu in the back of your foot, stomping downwards and blasting all targets near away.

Scroll of Cero Final — A

50 kido + arrancar requirement. Once used, charge a ball of pure energy in the palm of your hand, releasing it and creating a giant beam of energy.

Scroll of Love — C

Grants you the ability to Love Swap, which allows you to link someone of your own race, every time you’re within a certain distance of them you get buffs (damage and defense)

Scroll of Lightning Bolt — B

Spawns a lightning strike that stuns your enemy and damages them.

That’s everything you need to know about Type://Revenge scrolls tier list. Note that this is just my take on things.

You should experiment, find what works for you, and most importantly, have fun (and maybe a little revenge).

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