Roblox One Shot Tier List for 2024 (Best Skills & Weapons)

Welcome to our new and updated One Shot tier list! Optimize your in-game strategy with our rankings and discover the strongest skills and weapons that will propel you to victory in the game!

One Shot developed by the talented team at “Tempest Media” draws inspiration from the legendary One Punch Man anime, this masterpiece Roblox game invites you on an adventure like no other.

The game revolves around fighting epic battles, completing quests, and collecting rare items. The core objective? Use your immense strength to defeat any opponent with a single punch.

In this carefully curated tier list for One Shot, we assess and rank the best skills and weapons in the game across 4 distinct tiers: S (the strongest), A, B, and C (for those seeking a more moderate challenge).

By finding the top-tier skills and weapons, you can strategically navigate the daunting challenges that await you in the One Shot universe.

So, without further ado, let’s dive straight into the rankings!

One Shot Tier List (Best Skills)

Scroll down to explore the rankings and discover the power levels of each skill in the One Shot game.

TierSkill Name
SNichirin Katana, Last Resort, Air Slash, Bushido Codex, Dragon Breath, Core Beam
ACruel Clutch, Lightspeed Particles, Hundred Percent, Giant Meteor, Cyber Submachine Gun, Techno Blade V1
BLightspeed Flow, Speed of Sound, Air Force, True Execution, Rocket Launcher, Serious Punch, Barrage
CFlashstep, Windmill Blade, Kunai, Slice Barrage, Stomp, Leap, Telekinesis, Repair

One Shot Tier List (Best Weapons)

Here is our One Shot weapons tier list where we’ve ranked all of the weapons in the game.

TierWeapon Name
AGreatsword, Poisoned Dagger
BDagger, Dark Sea Spear

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One Shot – Frequently Asked Questions

One Shot tier list
Image by Tempest Media

How do I change my skills & superpowers?

To change your skills and superpowers, you need to purchase the “Reroll” item from Greg’s shop for 100k yen. Then, open your inventory by pressing “M” and select the “Reroll” item to use it. This will reset your superpowers and allow you to choose new ones.

Can I change my skills & superpowers multiple times?

Yes, using the “Reroll” item allows you to change your skills and superpowers as many times as you want. Keep in mind that there may be a cost associated with each use of the item.

Will changing my skills & superpowers affect my progress in the game?

Changing your skills and superpowers will reset your current abilities. But, any progress, achievements, or items unrelated to your skills and superpowers will remain unaffected.

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