Stand Proud Tier List of Best Stands [v2.12] (2024)

In the new version of Stand Proud game on Roblox, you’ll have the chance to harness the incredible power of stands and battle it out against other players in PvP mode. But wait, which stands are the strongest? Which ones should you be aiming for to dominate the game? Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered with our updated Stand Proud tier list!

We’ll break down the stands from the mighty Tier S to the decent Tier C, giving you all the details on their moves and abilities.

Let’s get started!

Stand Proud Tier List

We’ve got the lowdown on the Stand Proud tier list, but here’s the deal: it’s totally based on our personal opinions. Therefore, take everything with a grain of salt!

The rankings might change with updates and tweaks to the game. Just keep that in mind as you dive into the epic battles of Stand Proud. Now, keep scrolling to find out where your favorite stand ranks in this tier list.

Tier S: Amazingly Powered

Star Platinum Stand
Star Platinum Stand

Star Platinum:

This stand is a real beast when it comes to knocking opponents out of your way. It can launch closest enemies into the air with its “Combo Breaker” skill, providing you the opportunity to avoid their strikes and turn the tables on them.

Its “Barrage” move is a rapid-fire attack that releases a barrage of blows that initially seem minor but can pile up to significant damage over time. The “Heavy Strike” move also delivers a crushing strike that can knock opponents with a staggering 28 damage.

Whitesnake stand
Whitesnake stand


Whitesnake in Stand Proud is a combo breaker! It can knock away opponents, deliver a barrage of strikes, and break guards with its “Heavy Strike” skill dealing 20 damage.

It can steal opponents’ memories with “Memory Steal“, dealing 20 damage and stunning them. With “Disc Insertion“, you can insert a disc into the opponent, causing their own stand to reject them and unleash a barrage of pain, dealing 21 damage.

Tier A: Great Options

Tusk ACT 4 stand
Tusk ACT 4 stand

Tusk Act 4:

If you’re looking for raw power, Tusk Act 4 is the stand for you. Tusk ACT 4 can shoot out finger nails infused with spin, known as the “Nail” ability. Each nail deals 6 damage, and you can shoot up to 5 of them before they go on cooldown.

Slow Dancer” is another trick up Tusk ACT 4’s sleeve. You can call for Slow Dancer, hop on its back, and trample your opponents, dealing 10 damage.

Gold Experience stand
Gold Experience stand

Gold Experience:

It’s “Frog” move is like a magic trick in which a player pulls out a frog infused with life energy and combines it with themselves. Any damage dealt during this time gets reflected back to the opponent.

Now, you must try the “7 Page Muda” if you want to deliver a major beating. It throws a punch, and if it connects, your opponent receives a brutal beating from a torrent of punches and kicks that cause an enormous 40 damage.

King Crimson stand
King Crimson stand

King Crimson:

This stand is all about messing with time to defeat your opponents. The “Impale” move teleports you behind the nearest enemy and punches them right through the chest. It deals a solid 20 damage, and no guard is going to protect the poor soul on the receiving end.

The “Time Erase” move can erase time, turning you invisible and leaving a decoy behind. Your opponents won’t see you coming as you reappear after 7 seconds and unleash a brutal attack, dealing a massive 40 damage.

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Tier B: Pretty Good Options

Metallica stand
Metallica stand


The “Razor Blades” move is all about getting close to your opponent. You can unleash a barrage of razor-sharp blades on your enemies dealing a solid 25 damage.

Next, we got the “Scalpel Party” move in which you summon five scalpels around your opponent and launch them straight into their body. Each scalpel deals a 5 damage, adding up to a sweet total of pain.

Sticky Fingers stand
Sticky Fingers stand

Sticky Fingers:

Sticky Fingers is one funky stand in Stand Proud game! It has some seriously cool moves! With the “Extendo Clip” skill, you throws a punch that not only deals 20 damage but also reels in the opponent and detaches all their limbs.

Sticky Fingers isn’t just about offense. It can hold its own in defense too. With the “Detach Counter” skill, you take a defensive pose. If an opponent dares to strike, they’ll get a taste of their own medicine with you striking back and dealing 20 damage.

Tier C: Okay Stands

Narci stand
Narci stand


The only major move this stand can use is “Blood Path“. It launches a wicked red ball of energy, hitting enemies hard with 20 damage. It may not be the strongest move, but it is still a good option!

That brings us to the end of our Stand Proud tier list! Remember that this list is based on our experiences, so feel free to disagree and consider other positions that may be a better match for you.

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