Roblox REx Reincarnated Beginner Guide & Wiki

Welcome to the REx Reincarnated Beginner Guide! In this Roblox game, you take on the role of a miner, tasked with excavating the earth in search of rare and valuable ores.

Unlike traditional mining games, REx is a “sandbox mining game” which means that you are free to mine at your own pace, with no direct time limit on how long it takes to break a block. Instead, you must rely on pickaxes and gears to increase chances of finding rarer ores.

Today, we will cover every element of the game that a beginner player needs to get started in the mining journey inside REx game.

REx Reincarnated Beginner Guide Wiki

When you first start playing REx, the first thing you should do is head to the mine located underneath the giant tree in the center of the map. As you begin to mine, you’ll quickly realize that your pickaxe has no cooldown at all. You might be wondering, “What’s even the point of upgrading my pickaxe then?”

How do I upgrade my pickaxe?

Since the default pickaxe has no cooldown, the only way to upgrade it is by allowing it to mine more blocks at once. This is exactly what REx does. You can find a list of pickaxes and their abilities in the “Pickaxes” section of the game. This will help you decide which pickaxe is best for your playstyle and goals.

If you want to upgrade your pickaxe, you can head over to the blacksmith’s shop. You can either walk there or use the quick teleport located next to the Layer Teleportation board at the spawn.

To upgrade your pickaxe, you’ll need to save up some ores. And to keep track of your progress while you’re mining, you can “pin” a recipe by clicking on the pin icon located next to the craft button. Once you get your hands on the Nostalgic Axe, you can use it to find ores you’ve already uncovered, and the 57 Leaf Clover gives you a 4.5x luck boost for those pinned ores.

What order should I get my pickaxes in?

When you’re trying to upgrade your pickaxe in the game, you might be wondering what order you should get them in. Each pickaxe in the game is useful in its own way, but some of them might not be necessary for your general progression and can be skipped. The general consensus for pickaxe order is as follows:

  • Steel Sickle
  • Miner’s Mallet
  • Stone Ravager
  • Big Slammer
  • Darkstone Pick
  • Trinity Claymore
  • 57 Leaf Clover
  • NilAxe

Keep in mind that this is just a suggested order and you can always experiment and find the order that works best for you.

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Where are the ores? What are the layers?

As you mine, you may be wondering where all the ores are located and what the different layers are. For example, if you’re mining for Steel Sickle, you may notice that you’re not finding any Emerald or Olivine. This is because they are located in different layers. If you haven’t already, you may have noticed the “Teleport to Layers” board at the spawn area. You can use in-game currency to teleport to these layers and access different ores.

How do I know what layer an ore is in?

As you mine, you may be wondering how to figure out which layer an ore is in. There is a simple way to do this. In the game itself. Look for the “?” button located at the bottom right corner. If you click on the button (you need to close your leaderboard first), a menu will open. Click on the “Ores” tab, then search for the name of the ore you’re looking for. By clicking on the image of the ore, you can get some information about it, like its creator, depth range, and rarity.

Bedrock and Inner Core

Between the Mantle and Core layers, you’ll find a hard layer of bedrock located at a depth of 6999-7001 meters. You can bypass this layer by teleporting directly to the Core layer if you wish, but some recipes like Big Slammer requires Bedrock. To mine Bedrock, you’ll need to use the Miner’s Mallet or the Big Slammer.

At a depth of 7,500 meters, you’ll find a layer called Inner Core. This layer has bedrock spawn at a 1 in 5 chance, meaning that about every 5th block you uncover will be a piece of bedrock. For this reason, if you ever decide to mine in this layer, it’s best to use the Big Slammer or the Miner’s Mallet. However, in the early stages of the game, there is no requirement to go there, since the layer at 7,000 meters is a much faster way to get bedrock.

What are Ionized and Spectral ores?

As you mine in REx, you may come across some ores that are called “Ionized” and “Spectral”. These are rarer versions of normal ores, but they don’t have any special abilities or uses. They can only be used to create other rare ores. In other words, they are just a collectible item.


When you’re trying to get your hands on certain ores, one way to do that is by using transformations. Transformations are a consistent way to get the ores you need. They consume ores from your inventory as well as a small amount of money to create a new ore. Keep in mind that transformations take time, and you must stay in the server until it finishes. But if you happen to leave the server, your ores and money will be refunded. Right now, the rarest ore that you can transform is Trinitum.

How do I get money?

One way to make some in-game money is by selling the ores you don’t need. But here’s the thing, you should be careful not to sell all your ores, because some of them are used in pickaxe and gear crafting recipes. So make sure to only sell the ores that you won’t be using. And to sell your ores, you can use the board located to the right of the purple trading machine.

What are gears?

In addition to upgrading your pickaxe, you can also equip gears to give you additional boosts while you mine. However, these gears can be very hard to craft.

Gears have two slots, a “coil slot” and a “utility slot”. The coil slot is for items like the Acceleratium Coil and the Speed Coil. The Elementonic gear also uses the coil slot. The utility slot is for all other items, such as the Blazuine Molotov and the Polarium Tunneler. Keep in mind that gears can give you a lot of power but crafting them can be challenging.

When should I get my first gear?

When it comes to getting your first gear, timing is important. The coil gears are very important for your mining ability, so it’s a good idea to start working on them early, around the time when you get the Stone Ravager pickaxe. You should also consider getting the Acceleratium or Thundarian coils after the Darkstone Pick.

As for the other gears, when you get them is highly dependent on luck, as most of them require Exotics or above (1/1,000,000+). However, as a rough goal, it’s recommended to go for Core Frag after the Big Slammer, and then go for one utility gear between the Nostalgic Axe and 57 Leaf Clover. If you happen to get the main item for a gear, you can start working on it earlier, but this excludes Neptunium Nuke, you should save your Neptunium for the 57 Leaf Clover. After getting the NilAxe, start on the Polarium Tunneler and beyond.

What are caves?

In REx, caves are generated using Perlin noise. In other words, it’s random and I have no idea what the precondition is for a cave to spawn or how long a cave will last. Sorry about that.

Cave Types

When a cave is generated in the game, it can be generated using a specific base ore like Voidstone, Ice, Reflectistone, or the ultra-rare Goldstone. They can also generate using the normal layer ore. These different cave types can be useful for certain recipes, so it’s good to keep an eye out for them.

In-Game Communication Commands

As you play REx, you’ll have access to a couple of in-game communication commands that you can use to help you navigate the game.

  • The first command is “/shout”. This command toggles visibility of shouts, which are messages that cost 5 robux to send, but they can be seen by all servers.
  • The second command is “/server”. This command will show you what server you are currently connected to. Knowing which server you’re on can be useful, as it affects your ping.


When playing REx, the server you’re connected to can have a big impact on your overall experience. The location of the server can affect your ping, which is the amount of time it takes for your actions to be registered in the game. If the server is further away from you, your ping will be higher, which means it will take longer to break blocks. To check which server you’re currently connected to, use the command “/server” in the in-game chat.

In conclusion, REx is a unique and exciting mining game that offers players the freedom to mine at their own pace, with no direct time limit on how long it takes to break a block. Instead, players must rely on pickaxes and gears to increase their chances of finding rarer ores.

In this guide, we’ve covered all the essential elements of the game that a beginner player needs to know to get started on their mining journey in REx.

From upgrading your pickaxe, to understanding the different layers and ores, and even exploring the cave system. We hope this guide has been helpful in making your experience in REx more enjoyable. Happy mining!