Roblox Grand Multiverse Tier List Wiki (May 2024) – Best characters

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Grand Multiverse is a Roblox game released by Anime Revival. It offers a wide range of characters and maps inspired by popular anime and webtoons. You can play the game on almost all major platforms, including PC, Xbox, mobile phone, and iPad.

However, when you purchase a character in Grand Multiverse, it can be used until you die or leave the game although this may be changed in certain game modes. With plenty of characters and over 10 maps, there is plenty to explore in Roblox Grand Multiverse.

In this Roblox Grand Multiverse tier list wiki, I will be ranking all of the available characters in the game based on their power and usefulness in different situations.

Roblox Grand Multiverse Tier List

S Tier

Julius Novachrono

I have to say that Julius Novachrono is an impressive character in Grand Multiverse game. He can only be unlocked by meeting certain game milestones, such as earning 120 playtime, dealing 20,000 damage, and killing 125 enemies. This already makes him a highly sought after character, as it requires a lot of dedication and skill to unlock him. Additionally, he can also be purchased for one-time use with either 3000 Cash or 200 Robux. Based on these requirements, it’s clear that Julius Novachrono is the most powerful character in the game.

Skills List
  • Chrono Stasis – Teleports the user to a player if their cursor is over them. Freezes target. 15 second cooldown.
  • Time Binding Magic – Chrono Stasis. Freezes all nearby players momentarily. Guardbreaks. 15 damage. 20 second cooldown.
  • Chrono Anastasis – Requires 300 damage to completely charge up. Freezes all players around the user. Guardbreaks. Heals 15% of health. 40 damage. 45 second cooldown.
  • Time Flash – Teleports the user to their cursor. 10 second cooldown.


His one-time use cost of 2500 Cash or 200 Robux may be high, but the benefits of having him on your team could potentially outweigh the cost. When you select Denji in the game you will gain a pin when Denji is active, which could give them an edge in battle. I can certainly vouch to Denji’s performance on the battlefield, and I believe he will be a popular pick among players who are looking for a strong and dependable character.

Skills List
  • Transform – Transforms the user into Devil Form, unlocking different skills. While in Devil Form, user loses 1% of their health every second. No cooldown.
  • Nut Cracker – Small hitbox. Combo extender. Stuns enemy on hit. Guardbreaks. 8 damage. 10 second cooldown.
  • Axe Swing – User swings an axe in front of them. Guardbreaks. 15 damage. 15 second cooldown.
  • Pochita – Gives the user iframes (can’t be damaged) and heals. 25 second cooldown.


I love My Hero Academia series, thus I’m always happy to see its characters appear in Roblox games like Grand Multiverse. Bakugo is no different – he is a strong and explosive character, and I can see how he would be a tough character in battlefield. While the cost of unlocking him – 2250 Cash or 175 Robux – may be steep, I think that many players would consider it to be worth it in order to have Bakugo on their team. I’m also intrigued by the fact that users gain Bakugo’s accessories while he is active. I’m guessing that this could give them some added bonuses or advantages during gameplay.

Skills List
  • Passive – Explosive Dash. Bakugo gains a custom dash, with a shorter cooldown compared to other characters.
  • Close range attack in front of user – Knocks back enemies on hit. 15 damage. 15 second cooldown.
  • AP Shot – Medium range beam in front of player. Short windup. 25 damage. Guardbreaks. 12 second cooldown.
  • Stun Grenade – Explosion around player. Stuns nearby enemies. Guardbreaks. 10 second cooldown.
  • Howitzer Impact– Requires 350 damage to completely charge up. User leaps towards enemies hovered with cursor. Automatically tracks target. Big AoE. Guardbreaks. 55 damage. 40 second cooldown.

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A Tier


Power is definitely an interested in Grand Multiverse. He is a rare character, which means that he will not be available to all players, but I’m sure that those who do manage to unlock him will be in for a treat. The fact that he can be bought for a one-time use with 2000 Cash or 140 Robux suggests that he is a character with a high level of power and utility.

Skill List
  • Blood Spear – User launched a spear towards the direction they are facing. Long range attack. 10 damage. 11 second cooldown.
  • Blood Impalement – Summon a spear from the ground on user’s cursor. Ragdolls enemies on hit. Ignores blocks. 7.5 damage. 12 seconds cooldown.
  • Blood Hammer – Leaps up and slams a hammer down. Increased movement speed while in air. Knocks back enemies on hit. Guardbreaks. 20 damage. 16 seconds cooldown.


Deku OFA is definitely one that catches my eye, with his unique abilities and stylish appearance. Although he may be a rare character, I believe that the cost of 1750 Cash or 125 Robux is worth it for the chance to use him the battlefield.

Skills List
  • Sends a projectile in front of the user – 15 damage. Knocks back on hit. Guardbreaks. 12 second cooldown.
  • Ground Smash – AoE attack around the player. Stuns on hit. 25 damage. 20 second cooldown.
  • Launches user far away – Stuns user on land. 25 second cooldown.


As a rare character in Grand Multiverse, Yahaba can be purchased for a one-time use for 1500 Cash or 80 Robux. It will be up to each player to weigh the cost against the potential benefits of adding Yahaba to their roster.

Skills List
  • Arrow – Sends a long range arrow towards the user’s cursor. Huge knockback on hit. 10 damage. 8 second cooldown.
  • Eruption – Sends a long rage arrow towards the user’s cursor. Slams target on the floor. 15 damage. 15 second cooldown.
  • Plunge – Sends multiple arrows towards the user’s cursor. Knockback on hit. Guardbreaks. 22 damage. 19 second cooldown.

Ohio Final Boss

Ohio Final Boss can be purchased for one time use with 1300 Cash or 130 Robux. This character is sure to bring a unique and powerful presence to any battle.

Skills List
  • Ohio Walk – Summon 3 clones on both sides of the player. Increases movement speed. 35 second cooldown.
  • Ohio Dimensional Leap – Teleports the user to their cursor. Short range. 38 second cooldown.
  • Star Platinum ZA OHIO – Requires 150 damage to charge up. Stops time for everyone but the user. Lasts 5 seconds. 6 second cooldown.


I find the Monkey character to be a fun and unique addition to the game. The requirement to unlock him by achieving certain milestones (35 Play Time, dealing 5,000 Damage, and 25 kills) adds an extra level of challenge and reward for dedicated players. The monkey head accessory is also a nice touch that adds a bit of humor and personality to the character.

Skills List
  • Banana Throw – Throws a banana in front of the user. Guardbreaks. 15 damage. 8 second cooldown.
  • OO OO AA AA – Stuns players near the user. 14 second cooldown.
  • Tree Guard – Creates a tree to block any attacks. Gives iframes (can’t be hurt) while active. 17 second cooldown.


His ability to tap into his Nen powers makes him a strong character on the battlefield. I also appreciate the option to purchase him with with 350 Cash or 35 Robux for one-time use, as it allows me to try out different characters and playstyles without committing to a specific character.

Skills List
  • Rock – Close range attack. Long windup. Guardbreaks. 30 damage. 21 second cooldown.
  • Scissor – Short dash attack. Long windup. Guardbreaks. 20 damage. 15 second cooldown.
  • Paper – Ranged attack. Long windup. 20 damage. 13 second cooldown.

B Tier

Rich Bob

As a regular Rich Bob user, I feel like an elite member of the Grand Multiverse community. The character’s status is increased by the fact that I can only get it through the VIP game pass.. The green hat also adds a touch of flair to this character, making him stand out on the battlefield.

Skills List
  • Money Slap – User slaps people in front of them with money. Small range. 15 damage. 12 second cooldown.
  • Flex Money – User flexes their money on poor people. Increases speed by 50% and damage by 10% for 8 seconds. 35 second cooldown.


Krillin is a great addition to the game and he is inspired by the Dragon Ball character of the same name. His bald head and signature moves make him a unique and recognizable character. You have the option to buy him for 350 Cash or 35 Robux.

Skills List
  • Destructo Disc – Launches a disk at the users cursor. Explosion on hit. Guardbreaks. 22 damage. 18 second cooldown.
  • Solar Flare – Stuns nearby players. 22 second cooldown.

C Tier

Mai Sakurajima

As a common character in Grand Multiverse, Mai Sakurajima may not have the same level of rarity or power as some of the other characters on the tier list. However, Mai Sakurajima still has the potential to be a strong addition to your team. It can be purchased for a one-time use with 150 Cash or 30 Robux.

Skills List
  • Invisibility – User becomes invisible to other players until hit or 15 seconds pass. Escapes from stuns/combos. Can still be seen by self. 30 second cooldown.

Sister Lily

For players looking to try out a new character or add some variety to their team, Sister Lily is a good option to consider. You can purchase her for 250 Cash or 30 Robux.

Skills List
  • Holy Fist of Love – Small AoE attack on user’s cursor. Slight windup. Stuns on hit. Guardbreaks. 24 damage. 16 second cooldown.


Creeper is a common character widely available to players. Creeper can be purchased for a one-time use with 300 Cash or 30 Robux or by achieving 15 Play Time in the game.

Skills List
  • Explode – AoE attack. Ragdolls on hit. Slows user. Guardbreaks. User loses 30 health. 25 damage. 15 second cooldown.

Thus I conclude this new and updated Grand Multiverse tier list. The game offers a variety of characters, ranging from common to legendary. Each character has unique skills, abilities and powers that can help you in battle. Be sure to choose wisely and consider the cost and availability of each character before making your decision.

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