Roblox Stasis Coin Guide: How to farm coins?

It can be exciting to begin your Roblox Stasis journey, but not having enough money may slow down your progress. Fear not—this guide has helpful suggestions on how to get coins easily and quickly.

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Understanding the Item Rarity:

Item Rarity in Stasis
Item Rarity in Stasis

Before diving in, let’s grasp the concept of item rarity. There are two types:

  • Item Rarity: This refers to the standard rarity levels like copper (sell for 1 coin), silver (sell for 3 coins), gold (sell for 15 coins), platinum (sell for 50 coins), crystal (sell for 200 coins), and ethereal (cannot be sold). Lower rarity items like sticks and stones sell for just one coin. As you climb the rarity ladder, the value increases significantly. Items like Frost cores and Quartz are highly valuable and should be saved for trading or crafting.
  • Star Rarity: This applies to equipment and food, granting additional benefits like increased HP, defence, or movement speed. Star Rarity further boosts the value of an item.

Best Ways to Farm Coins in Roblox Stasis:

Stardust and Star Dust Bottles

This method requires some progress but offers substantial rewards. Once you’ve acquired glass (created with sand and charcoal), head to the meteor site near the first world’s dungeon entrance.

Defeat Star Fragments and Starbees to obtain Stardust or, better yet, Whole Stars. Make three bottles of Stardust for each star and watch the number of coins in your inventory skyrocket.

Aluminum and Iceberg Cabbages

These are readily available resources, making them ideal for new players seeking a quick stash of coins. Many enemies drop Iceberg cabbages, while mineral deposits offer plenty of aluminium.

These silver-tier items accumulate quickly and sell for a decent price, providing a steady flow of coins.

Food with High Star Rarity

While food primarily serves as a consumable for stat boosts, certain dishes can be profitable with high Star Rarity. Cherry soup is the prime example.

With four cherries, you can create one soup bowl. While a bowl without stars sells for only four coins, each additional star increases its value by five coins. A maxed-out bowl with five stars can fetch 28 coins, a massive profit from your initial investment.

Other Strategies:

  • Excess Materials: Selling excess common materials like stones and sticks can provide a small income.
  • Unused Schematics: Sell schematics you already have, like the Wall Rune or Laser Sword, for quick coins.

Things to Avoid:

  • Crafting certain food: Avoid crafting expensive food like Burgers, as the ingredients might cost more than the final product’s selling price.
  • Selling high-tier items: Resist the urge to sell high-tier items like Frost Cores or Quartz. These are incredibly valuable and better used for crafting or trading.

That’s all folks! By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be able to collect and farm coins in no time.