Roblox Stasis Beginner Guide (Key tips for new player)

Feeling a bit overwhelmed in the vast world of the new Stasis game on Roblox? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. This Stasis beginner guide will provide you with all the essential knowledge to kickstart your journey on the right foot.

First things first – You’ll find yourself in the safe and cozy starting town after completing the tutorial. Here, you’ll meet a friendly NPC guide who’ll show you the ropes (literally, if you’re eager to explore the shops).

Roblox Stasis Beginner Guide

Inventory menu in Stasis game
Inventory | Screenshot by Clashiverse

Before you begin your grand adventure, you must focus on three important aspects: mobility, inventory space, and currency.


boots and ice skates in Stasis
Footwear | Screenshot by Clashiverse
  • Boots: Upgrade your boots! Spring boots are great for reaching high places and tight spaces, while ice skates are best for covering vast open areas.
  • Glider: Invest in a glider. This handy gear lets you safely descend from high elevations and even bypass lengthy travel sections.

Inventory Space:

  • Backpack: A bigger backpack is your best friend. Prioritize expanding your inventory space to accommodate all the loot you’ll collect along the way.


  • Iceberg Lettuce: Keep your eyes open for this precious item. Selling them for three coins a piece is an ideal way to build your early financial foundation. Coins help you repair equipment, increase storage capacity, and even purchase rare hero accessories and powerful weapons later on.

Dungeon Essentials:

basic materials in Stasis
Basic Materials | Screenshot by Clashiverse
  • Aluminium: This abundant resource is obtained from mineral deposits and is used for crafting keys, weapons, and other equipment.
  • Leather: Bulls drop leather, which is another key crafting element.
  • Spider Silk: This all-round material obtained from Spiders can be used for crafting fabric and rope, both of which are important for future upgrades.
spider in Stasis
Spider | Screenshot by Clashiverse

Combat Tips:

  • Unarmed Combat: Look out for the “Bracelet” item. Equipping it in the first two bracelet slots grants you the ability to fight without a weapon, saving you the trouble of crafting and replenishing daggers.
  • Weapons: Start with a Basic Spear. As you progress, upgrade to a Flag Spear for its high damage output and massive reach.
  • Guns: The Rifle does decent damage and is your best bet for dealing with powerful bosses. It can be obtained by upgrading the standard Pistol.
pistol gun in Stasis
Pistol | Screenshot by Clashiverse

That’s all for now! Remember, there’s a vast amount of content waiting to be discovered. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and explore further! I hope this Statis guide has been helpful.

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