SSSnaker Best Skills & Abilities Tier List (2024)

Stuck in a rut with your SSSnaker skills? Feeling like you’re not quite reaching your full potential? This comprehensive SSSnaker Best Skills & Abilities guide will reveal the top-tier abilities that will transform you into an unstoppable force in the SSSnaker arena.

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SSSnaker Best Skills & Abilities Guide – Skills Tier List

Let’s start with Elemental skills first:

Ice skills (S Tier)

Elemental Skill
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The Ice Turret in the game deals a whopping 4 times the damage of your standard attack. Don’t worry if this sounds confusing; let me clarify. The “4X” refers to the amount of damage dealt, which is 4 times higher than your standard turret damage. For instance, if your regular turret does 598 damage, the Ice Turret does 2392 damage.

Not only does the Ice Turret deal 4X damage, but it also slows down enemies with its ice effect. Additionally, if you activate the Ice Field, the Ice Turret’s damage output increases to a whopping 6X damage.

On top of that, any enemies that are iced will leave frost areas that slow down other enemies that walk through them. At 2 Crowns, the iced enemies will spawn ice pillars, which deal a devastating 15X damage.

3 crown ice turret
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And if you manage to reach 3 Crowns, the ice pillars’ damage will increase to 20X the damage of your attack. So make sure to use the Ice Turret wisely to maximize your damage output and slow down your enemies to gain the upper hand in the game.

Some of you may not be aware, but elemental skills in SSSnaker game can actually be upgraded further. To achieve this, you will need to merge 3 snakes of the same element.

For instance, combining 3 Ice Snakes will grant you the powerful Ice Sword ability. This move causes a staggering 35 times as much damage as your typical attack, making it a perfect choice for defeating powerful opponents. The additional advantage of slowing down your enemy is also given by ice skills and turrets.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that ice turrets only do damage to one enemy at a time. Consider this while you plan your battle strategy.

Lightning skills (S Tier)

Lightning Skill
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At first glance, it may seem like Ice skills reign supreme in the damage department, having a hefty 4X hit against enemies. However, Lightning is no slouch either, dealing a respectable 2X damage initially.

But wait, there’s more! With more powerful Lightning, that damage is boosted to 2.5X – not quite 4X, but still impressive. Plus, with a 2 crown investment, Lightning Turrets can pack an explosive punch with a 6.5X hit that triggers a chain reaction if enemies are close enough.

Chain Lightning Skill
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But that’s not all. With the Chain Lightning skill, your attacks will jump from enemy to enemy, delivering a shock to all in its path. Moreover, your lightning damage increases from 2.5X to 3.5X if you choose the Lightning Snakes upgrade.

This means that while Ice skills may be the superior choice for single targets, Lightning can unleash devastating damage on multiple enemies at once. The more enemies you face, the more electrifying your hits become.

So next time you’re strategizing your SSSnaker loadout, don’t underestimate the power of Lightning.

Holy skills (A Tier)

Holy Skills
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The Holy skill does 4 times the amount of damage of your regular attack. In addition, it can penetrate enemies and walls similar to PiercingShot. When upgraded to Holy Thrust, the damage output increases to 6X, and with Holy Refract, your projectiles refract twice, dealing 8X damage.

Frenetic Refract increases the refracting to 4 times and boosts the damage output to a massive 10X. It’s essential to keep in mind that this skill will eventually be included in the game.

Holy has a tremendous damage output and may hit numerous enemies at once, making it the most powerful elemental skill in the game.

It is particularly effective against bosses, as the Holy projectiles refract multiple times, inflicting more damage. The only skill that surpasses Holy in terms of damage output is Ice Pillars.

Fire skills (A Tier)

Fire Turrets
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Compared to ice, fire turrets pack 4 times the damage output. Not only that, but enemies hit with fire will also suffer from burning damage over time. While the flame attack does a moderate amount of damage, the Fire Line skill creates a horizontal blaze upon impact.

Cross Line is the way to go if you want to defeat several enemies at once. It creates cross-shaped flames that can hit enemies in every direction. Plus, with increased fire and burning damage, you’ll be dealing some serious heat to your enemy.

3 crown Fire Turrets
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At three crowns, the Fire skill evolves to create a fiery circle upon impact, making it easier to hit multiple enemies at once. Yet, it’s important to note that fire strikes are confined to a circular radius while lightning attacks have a wider area of effect.

While lightning and ice aren’t necessarily better or worse than fire, each has particular advantages and disadvantages of its own. When facing tough bosses, lightning may be the way to go as it can hit enemies regardless of where you’re standing, whereas fire may struggle against bosses outside of its circular radius.

Plant skills (B Tier)

Plant Skills
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Plant deals lower damage than Fire and Ice, but with 2 projectiles, it technically deals 4X damage if both hit an enemy. Double Shot doubles projectiles, resulting in 8X damage if all are hit. At 2 Crowns, Plant does 3X damage, penetrates walls and enemies, and hits enemies standing on the same line.

At 3 Crowns, Plant’s projectiles ricochet, dealing a total of 12X damage that penetrates enemies and walls. The downside is that most ricocheted projectiles miss enemies. Despite this, Plant’s projectiles have a chance to deal 3X damage to multiple enemies.

Circle skills (B Tier)

Circle Skills
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So when you surround enemies with a circle in the SSSnaker game, you trigger Circle skills. The first one is called Circle Turret. Basically, when an enemy dies, you spawn a stationary turret that deals 1X damage based on your attack power.

Although it’s not the best skill available, skipping it will prevent you from unlocking the Circle Robot. These are like turrets, but they move and follow you around, dealing slightly more damage. Plus, any robots that stick around after you beat a stage will still be with you in the next one.

Since you can farm with it, it’s not a horrible choice even though I wouldn’t call it a must-have skill.

Finally, we’ve got Circle Damage, which is a passive skill that boosts circle attack by 50%. Whether this skill is good or not really depends on your play style and other skills you’ve chosen.

For me, I like to keep my distance from enemies, so Circle Damage isn’t really my thing. But if you’re the type of player who likes to get up close and personal with your opponent, then this skill could be a real game-changer.

That is all for today from this SSSnaker skills tier list and guide. Stay tuned for more SSSnaker updates in the future.