Total War ROME REMASTERED Traits & Triggers Guide 2024

Are your governors neglecting their duties due to alcoholism? Fed up with assigning your legions to unreliable leaders? Frustrated that the best Senate offices go to rival Roman families? Don’t worry!

Our new guide will uncover the secrets of traits and triggers in Total War ROME REMASTERED. It provides you with crucial insights into the game’s mechanics, especially:

Strategic Decision-Making, Effective General and Governor Specialization, Economic Prosperity Through Buildings, Strategic Diplomacy and Agent Actions, and much more.

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What are traits & triggers?

Traits are characteristics, that affect your family members. These effects can be positive or negative. These traits are generated by triggers. You can influence some of these triggers.

With this knowledge, you can collect good traits and avoid bad traits For example: If your family member stays in a settlement with the building trigger tavern, there is a risk that he will develop the trait “drinker”.

Traits affect the 3 character abilities Command, Influence and Management. There are also additional characteristics through the trait such as more income from trade.

I recommend choosing family members based on their abilities (traits) and specializing between generals on the battlefield and governors in settlements.

  • 1 Command star improves the attack of your units on the battlefield and increases your general morale aura
  • 2 Influence wreaths improve public order in settlements by 5 % and add 1 additional bodyguard per wreath to your general’s unit. It increases also your general morale aura on the battlefield.
  • 3 Management provides additional income in your settlements
  • 4 loyalty to the faction, only in a barbarian invasion
  • 5 the individual traits
  • 6 ancillaries your character can collect. They can be exchanged with other generals

Traits 4 good generals

These traits mainly improve the morale and combat effectiveness of the troops. In addition, influence and standing with the Senate and the people of Rome can be improved.

  • Defeats create bad traits. avoid that
  • Be successful in battles, ambushes and sieges. Your general will then get corresponding good traits. Like “good commander” or “good at sieges”.
  • Conquer settlements to get the “VictorRomanVirtue” trait. This improves your standing with the Senate
  • Always kill enemies with your general in battle. This creates a “brave” and “Roman hero”. At the same time, you avoid “coward”
  • for a good infantry general, to achieve crushing victories with an army consisting of over 80% infantry
  • for good cavalry general, achieves crushing victories with an army consisting of over 55% cavalry
  • Avoid retreating before or during a battle, this generates “coward” and “indecisive”

Traits through buildings

If a governor is in a settlement when completing a building and still has full movement points, useful economic improvements can be the result.

  • Completing buildings generates useful “good builders” and “architects”. On the other hand, if there is no construction even though there are funds in the treasury, there is a risk of the “bad builder” trait.
  • The construction of mines, farms and trade buildings enables corresponding good traits. For example, completed trade buildings trigger the “good Trader” trait
  • If you don’t build mines, farms or trade buildings, there is a risk of bad anti-traits (like bad farmers). You can “cure” those bad anti-traits with corresponding good traits (like “good farmer” through building Farms). Or you specialize your governors in different branches of the economy. For example, a “good trader” can manage Athens profitably even as a “bad farmer”.

The chances of getting good traits from building completions increase with the number of buildings your governor completes.

I therefore recommend that your governors specialize in certain building trees of trade, farms or mines. To do this, move your governors through the provinces to complete these buildings.

  • Traits through education: Staying in a settlement with an academy brings numerous useful traits that improve management. Including “Mathematician”, “Rethor” and “Architect”

Traits through high taxation

Through “Good Administrator” and “Good Tax Collector” you improve the governor’s management and the settlement’s tax income.

  • To do this, keep the taxes in the settlement at a “very high”
  • The chances of these good traits increase additional if you:
    – Recruit units
    – construct building
    – the public order of the settlement is set to “disillusioned”.
  • Always keep taxes as high as possible. If taxes are not exploited to the maximum (without riots& rebellion) there is a risk of negative anti-traits such as “bad tax collector

Traits for Justice & Law

This reduces the loss of revenue caused by corruption and improves your reputation with the Senate. Very useful for large empires with high corruption and Romans.

  • When you enslave settlements, there is a chance of “harsh ruler” or “harsh justice” traits.
  • If there is an is in riot or rebellion in your settlement and taxes are set to low, useful traits such as Disciplined, Authoritarian, harsh justice and harsh ruler.
  • Be careful, a riot or rebellion by taxes higher than low generates the “bad administrator” trait.
    It should also be noted that your governor can be killed in a riot.
  • For the “Warlord” trait of the barbarians, your general has to kill some units himself during a victorious battle. This trait gives more law.

Traits by standing around

Even by standing around, your family members generate traits. This mostly happens incidentally to young generals who spend more time on military campaigns.

Normally I don’t recommend leaving your generals standing around useless. But these traits can arise spontaneously during a campaign

  • With full movement points outside of a settlement, “Fec” (good for influence), “hale and healthy” (more health points of the general) and “Scout Expert” (more sight) are created.
  • With full movement points outside of a settlement and in uncivilised land, “auster”, “stoic” (good for management) and “ignorant” (a bad trait) spawn
  • The same traits also accrue when a governor stays in a settlement with a governor’s house

Trait for better standing with the senate and people of Rome

Improved senate standing increases chances to be elected for a senate office and more valuable rewards. High standing with the people makes civil war possible.

“Rethor” and other education traits from academies. (4 senates)

Your leader will get “Deciver” and “political skill” through diplomacy & bribery. (4 senate)

Your leader becomes “plain” through successful senate missions. (4 senate & people)

“Authoritarian” through temples of Zeus and riots in settlements ((see above) 4 senate)

“Roman Hero” by killing your general enemies during battle. “ViktorRomanVirtue” by conquering settlements and wonders. (4 senate & people)

“games fan” by building amphitheatres, hippodromes and throwing games. (Good 4 people, Bad 4 senate)

Traits 4 corruption and decadence and how to avoid them

Traits like “drinker”, “perverted”, “embezzler”, “gambler”, or “corrupt” decrease your income and combat efficiency.

It’s getting even worse. Bad traits can randomly trigger other bad traits. e.g. B. Drinker can trigger “gambler”. Therefore, Things that trigger these traits should be avoided.

Avoid staying in settlements with these structures: bard houses, city plumbing, odeons, taverns, city plumbing, silk road, temples of pleasure and fun (e.g. Baccus or Aphrodite)

Never have more than 50,000 denarii in your treasury (13,000 in barbarian invasion)

Even if a governor is stationed in a settlement without taking any action, there is a (very small) chance of bad traits. However, because most good traits require stationing in a settlement, the risk must be accepted

Avoid equatorial investigations by failed senate missions

Traits for and from agents

Train your agents on rebel armies. Success will generate enhancing traits like “good diplomat” or “good spy”

Diplomats in particular benefit from bribing rebel armies and enemy diplomats. This also gives your leader traits like “deceiver” and “political skill”

As a result of failed assassination attempts, the affected governors develop negative traits such as “paranoid”, “drinker”, and “atheist”

Traits by temples

Leadership: Greeks, Juliii, Sol Invictus / gives strategic skill (Bonus command) & trusting (Bonus influence but less Personal security)

Victory: Britannia (Andrasta), Greeks (Nike) / gives warlord (more law & command) / Pragmatik (good for management) / good risky attacker (more attack)

Zeus: Makedon & Pontus / give Authoritarian

Justice: Carthage (Baal), Aegypt (seth) give just and harsh justice

Law: Aegypt (seth), Esus, Scipii, Vandals (in BI) Skythia / Auster / Sobriety /Harsh Justice

Battleforge. Teutates, Armenia (Vahagan) gives brave. Good 4 morale and standing with the people

Battle: Dakia (Hebeleysis), Thrakia (Ares) / gives Tactical expert (line of sight&Ambush) / Berserk

Trade: Brutii, Greeks, Carthage (Milquart) / Britannia / Deciver / Good trader / Cheapskate / Deceiver (standing with Senate) / Embezzler (bad 4 management)

Fertility: Julii (Cres), Aegypt, Germania (Freya) / give fertile increases chances of having children

Farming: Makedon (Demeter), Cartage, Dakia (Bendis), Alamanni (BI) / gives good farmer

Healing: Brutii (Juno), Aegypt, Seleukids (Aeskulab), Britannia (Brigantia): gives hale and hearthy or hypochondriac

Forge: Scipii (Vulcan), Seleukids (Hepheistos), Dakia (Zalmoxis) / gives good engineer/ good miner

Violence: Brutii (Mars), Pontus (Herakles), Germania (Donar) / Anger, Bloodlust and Energetic

Horse: Epona, Skythia (Kolaksay) / gives good cavalry general & bad infantry commander

Hunt: Abnoba, Maledon (Artemis) / gives good ambusher & bad siege defender

Viking: Germania (Woden) / Berserk

Love: Skythia (Api) / Aphrodite / Armenia (Anahit) / gives “girls”

Fun: Baccus, Dyonisus, Osiris / gives expensive Taste, perverted, drink, arse

One Good: Phartia, Sassanids (Bi) / Good Administrator (management) & Pious (more influence)

Christianity (BI): Creates Christian poverty. Good for Law but bad for Commerce

Traits in Barbarian invasion

The religion of your new characters is heavily influenced by the religion of your leader.

Characters in a settlement with a foreign religion develop bad “doubts about religion X” traits. Also, avoid buildings from the Hermitage series. These give rise to “Heresy X” traits.

Loyalty is diminished by success on the battlefield. Loyalty can only be effectively improved by awarding office ancillaries.

The Huns gain the useful “Hunic Fearsomenes” trait through success on the battlefield. Barbarians can also develop the “Warlord” trait by building city walls and governor’s palaces.