Total War ROME REMASTERED Mercenary Tier List 2024

In Total War ROME REMASTERED, conquering the known world as Rome demands relentless ambition and skilled armies.

But even the mighty legions can’t be everywhere at once. Outposts, crucial flanks, and unexpected rebellions all test your military might.

To help you out you can recruit Mercenaries, those seasoned veterans, offering a quick solution: instant reinforcements with plenty of skills.

But, hiring the wrong ones can drain your treasury and leave your flanks exposed. So we have decided to curate this Total War ROME REMASTERED Mercenary tier list.

This tier list cuts through the confusion and will help you identify all the best mercenary units the game has to offer.

Total War ROME REMASTERED Mercenary Tier List

Editor’s Note: The prices in the table below are listed in Denarii (in-game currency). The tier list is based on my own experience with them.

SCretan ArchersAbsolute best missile, incredible range & accuracy750
SMercenary War ElephantsDestructive, fire arrows, knock down walls, frighten horses4000
AScythian MercenariesBest mounted horse archers, effective solo army800
AMercenary HoplitesOnly phalanx spearmen, deadly vs chariots & cavalry850
ASarmatian MercenariesAbsolute best missile, with incredible range & accuracy1200
BBedouin ArchersHeavy cavalry with charge bonus, a good addition750
BCilician PiratesFast, fire before charging, not for melee620
BRhodian SlingersEffective on walls & sieges, surprising durability750
BBalearic SlingersCamel riders, scare horses, effectively mounted missile cavalry750
CThracian MercenariesHigh damage, low morale, short-lived800
CBastarnae MercenariesDouble health & morale of Thracians, expensive1700
CBarbarian CavalryScout ahead, cheap garrison unit450
CBedouin WarriorsCamel riders, scare horses, not strong700
CSpanish MercenariesArmour-piercing ammo, wreck chariots with proper positioning750
DBarbarian MercenariesLarge numbers, weak, decent city population boost800
DMercenary PeltastsBonus vs elephants & chariots, poor range600
DIllyrian MercenariesSlightly better Peltasts, bonus vs elephants & chariots650
DArab CavalryWeak, not for prolonged fights750
ESamnite MercenariesTerrible spearmen, bonus vs cavalry (useless)750
ELibyan MercenariesWeak, low ammo, fast but useless350
ENumidian MercenariesPathetic missile cavalry, barely worth cost750
EEastern MercenariesWorst spearmen, no attack, defense, or morale650

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best Mercenaries to hire?

Top-tier picks include S Tier: Cretan Archers (deadly missiles), and Mercenary War Elephants (destructive force). A Tier: Mercenary Hoplites (phalanx power), and Sarmatian Mercenaries (heavy cavalry).

Which Mercenaries should I avoid?

Steer clear of E Tier: Eastern Mercenaries (weak and useless), Samnite Mercenaries (terrible spearmen), Libyan Mercenaries (fragile shooters).

How much do Mercenaries cost?

Prices vary greatly based on unit type and effectiveness. Cretan Archers, for example, are expensive but powerful, while Barbarian Cavalry are cheap but weak.

That’s all for today! Remember, this Total War ROME REMASTERED tier list is a starting point. Experiment, adapt, and conquer!

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