Against the Storm: How to deal with fuel problems? (Low Fuel Solution Guide)

Running low on fuel in the Against the Storm game? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to keep those fires burning and your villagers warm.

Our guide will show you some clever tricks to manage your fuel problems, even if wood seems scarce. Your little village can still stay warm and cook its food.

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Against the Storm: Fuel Saving Guide (Low Fuel Problem & Solution)

Here are a few things you can do if fuel shortages become your main problem:

Woodcutters: The Heart of the Fire

First and foremost, remember that woodcutters are your lifeline. Two are the bare minimum, but as winter’s claws dig deeper, you might need more. Consider these tips:

  • Warehouse Magic: Build warehouses near your woodcutters, then reclaim them when they’re full. This cuts down on travel time and keeps your firewood flowing.
  • Beavers: Masters of Hearth: Assign a beaver to your hearth. Their tireless work ethic ensures your fire never dies, even during storms.

Beyond the Log: Fuel Hacks for Savvy Survivors

  • Recipes Matter: Researching wood-related upgrades can yield immense savings. A +1 bonus to planks goes a long way over the years!
  • Wood to Coal: The Kiln’s Power: Don’t underestimate the Kiln! Turning 10 wood into 5 coal effectively doubles your fuel time. A worthy investment, if you can spare the workers.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Think Before You Burn: Analyze recipes! Jerky, for instance, uses either 1 coal or 5 wood. While both burn for 40 seconds, coal is clearly the smarter choice.
  • Oil: The Liquid Gold: If you’re blessed with farms, consider oil production. 2 grain becomes 5 oil, burning for about 125 seconds – nearly as long as 10 wood!
  • Miners and Marrow: Mines provide a steady coal supply, keeping your beavers busy during storms. And don’t forget about sea marrow! This abundant resource can be a surprising fuel source.

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Bonus Wisdom: Numbers for the Number-Crunching Crafters

  • Wood burns for 12 seconds.
  • Oil burns for 25 seconds.
  • Coal burns for 40 seconds.
  • Sea marrow burns for 40 seconds.

That’s all for today! Share your own fuel-saving tips in the comments below!