Against the Storm Buildings Tier List for June 2024: Best Building Guide

Against the Storm Building Woes? This Tier List Solves Them!

The unforgiving wilderness of the Against the Storm game will put your resourcefulness and fortitude to the test. Every choice you make in this strategic game matters, from selecting which buildings to prioritize to scouting the next glade.

But with so many choices, the question remains: which buildings are necessary for survival and prosperity? Don’t fret, we’ve made a comprehensive Against the Storm Buildings tier list to help you out!

Without ado, let’s get started!

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Against the Storm Buildings Tier List: All buildings ranked for June 2024!

Tier S

  • Explorer’s Lodge: Opens glades for free and provides valuable resources, making it crucial for early and mid-game exploration and resource management.
  • Beanery: Offers the best porridge and pickled goods recipes, resolves bonuses for foxes and lizards, good worker efficiency with four slots, and overall strong synergy with multiple species.

Tier A

  • Apothecary: Offers the best biscuit recipe, a decent tea recipe, and incense for humans and lizards, making it valuable for food and worker happiness.
  • Bakery: Provides two good food recipes (pie and biscuits) and a solid pottery option, offering versatility and resource production.
  • Cookhouse: Produces all three stew recipes, offering food options for all species and ensuring dietary needs are met.
  • Guild House: Significantly boosts your economy by increasing the production of all crafted goods and tools, leading to faster resource acquisition and expansion.

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Tier B

  • Alchemist Hut: Offers Crystal Dew for various uses like tools, barrels, tea, fox houses, and some glade events, providing plenty of resource options.
  • Brewery: Produces all three beer recipes, providing resolve bonuses and trade goods, improving worker happiness and the economy.
  • Butcher: Offers all three meat processing recipes, essential for maximizing food production and resource utilization.
  • Cellar: Produces all three wine recipes, offering luxury goods and trade options for additional income and resource acquisition.
  • Clothier: Provides all coat recipes, useful for clothing production and trade, contributing to resource management and income generation.
  • Distillery: Produces all three alcohol recipes, offering luxury goods and trade options similar to the Cellar, contributing to economic growth.
  • Furnace: Creates all metal bars and tools, crucial for construction and crafting, forming the backbone of infrastructure and resource management.
  • Granary: Stores large amounts of food and offers a resolve bonus, ensuring food security and worker happiness, critical for long-term stability.
  • Press: Produces all three oil recipes, useful for lamps and trade, providing additional resource diversification and income potential.
  • Rain Collector: Provides a steady supply of water, especially helpful in dry biomes, crucial for sustaining crops and overall village viability.
  • Smokehouse: Preserves meat and offers a resolve bonus, improving food preservation and worker happiness, contributing to resource efficiency and worker satisfaction.
  • Stamping Mill: Produces all paper recipes, essential for research and trade, enabling knowledge advancement and resource acquisition.
  • Teahouse: Offers the best tea recipe in the game and provides a resolve bonus for harpies, making it valuable for both food and worker happiness for a specific species.
  • Temple: Provides a resolve bonus for all species and can be used for glade events, potentially offering resources and boosting morale, contributing to overall well-being.
  • Tinctuary: Produces all three medicine recipes, crucial for villager health and population stability, ensuring long-term village viability.
  • Workshop: Creates all basic tools and offers a resolve bonus, providing essential starting materials and worker happiness, laying the foundation for early development.

Tier C

  • Artisan: Offers weak coat and pigment recipes and a decent barrel option, making it less valuable compared to other crafting options.
  • Blacksmith: Provides all weapon and armour recipes, but not essential for most players, especially in higher difficulties.
  • Brick Oven: Creates bricks for construction, but not always needed in abundance, making it situational and less universally valuable.
  • Clay Pit: Provides clay for pottery and bricks, but clay can be found in many biomes, making it less necessary than dedicated resource production buildings.
  • Greenhouse: Offers a controlled environment for growing crops, but can be resource-intensive and not always necessary, making it situational.
  • Grill: Provides a food option for beavers and lizards, but is not essential and is offered by other buildings, making it redundant in many cases.

Tier D

  • Advanced Rain Collector: Expensive and redundant compared to geysers and regular rain collectors, making it inefficient and unnecessary.
  • Bath House: Offers limited benefits compared to other service buildings, especially at high prestige difficulties, making it less valuable and potentially detrimental in some situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What factors influenced the tier placement?

We considered factors like:

Resource production: How efficiently does the building generate essential resources like food, tools, and materials?
Worker efficiency: Does the building utilize workers effectively and contribute to overall productivity?
Species synergy: Does the building offer benefits specific to certain species, like resolve bonuses or food preferences?
– Versatility: Does the building offer a variety of options or benefits, contributing to multiple aspects of your village?
Redundancy: Does the building offer functionalities already provided by others, making it less necessary?

What should I prioritize early game?

Tier S buildings: Explorer’s Lodge for resource acquisition and Beanery for food and worker happiness are crucial early on.

This tier list mentions “species” – how does that affect building choices?

Certain buildings offer specific benefits for certain species. For example, the Beanery provides resolve bonuses for foxes and lizards, while the Teahouse offers the best tea recipe and a resolve bonus for harpies.

That’s all for today! We hope this FAQ clarifies the Against the Storm Buildings tier list and provides additional information. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask in the comment box below!