Against the Storm Cornerstone Tier List for June 2024: Best Cornerstone Guide

Struggling to choose the right Cornerstones in the Against the Storm game? Look no further! This tier list, crafted by our seasoned Prestige 9 team for June 2024, dissects each Cornerstone’s worth.

In this Against the Storm Cornerstone tier list, we have covered everything from the must-haves like Protected Trade and Exploration Expedition to the situational gems like Lost Supplies and Rooty Ground by their value at higher difficulty levels.

Without ado, let’s get started!

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Against the Storm Cornerstone Tier List (June 2024)

This list is based on high-level experience, so low-prestige players, take notes! And don’t forget to share your own cornerstones of success in the comments!

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Exploration Expedition5Arguably the strongest cornerstone, opens glades for free and provides valuable resources.
Protected Trade5Prevents high hostility, significantly reducing event frequency and severity.
Silent Looting4Offers a substantial -30 hostility per year, making it similar to Baptism of Fire and Safe Haven.
Baptism of Fire4Provides long-term hostility reduction, accumulating to -100 hostility over the entire game.
Rooty Ground4+1 wood per harvest is excellent, with the downside being manageable at higher difficulty levels.
Lost Supplies4Grants 40 meat and 40 grain, a significant resource boost, especially at higher difficulties.
Smugglers Visit4Provides access to rare and valuable goods, significantly boosting your trade potential.
Calming the Forest3Offers a consistent -30 hostility per year with no downside or extra cost.
Mist Piercers3Similar to Ancient Pact, but with a potentially higher cost at high prestige levels.
Prosperous Settlement3Easy to gain 10 global resolve on medium-low prestige, becoming less effective at higher levels.
Woodcutters Prayer3Boosts woodcutters’ efficiency and resilience, a valuable asset for wood production.
Grain Delivery Line3Provides half a plantation’s production for free, significantly aiding food production.
Fiber Delivery Line3Similar to Grain Delivery Line, but with less overall impact on resource production.
Clay Delivery Line3Offers a steady supply of clay, useful for construction and trade.
Bed and Breakfast3Becomes more valuable at higher prestige levels when gold is harder to acquire.
Ancient Pact3The knowledge gained can be valuable, potentially saving time and resources.
Back to Nature2Similar to the Grain Delivery Line, but with less overall impact on resource production.
Crowded Houses2Saves building materials, but not a significant advantage.
Cheap Construction2Useful after opening glades and before building service buildings.
Firekeepers Prayer2Becomes more valuable at higher prestige levels when the downside is less impactful.
Frequent Caravans2May be helpful for gaining reputation through resolve, but caravans aren’t always used.
Friendly Relations2Slightly better than Frequent Caravans, but still not a top-tier choice.
Burnt to a Crisp2Double farm production can be useful but requires micromanagement to avoid downsides.
Chicken or Egg2Strong in combination with other mechanics, but population control is crucial.
Copper Extractor2Only useful if you rely on copper for tool production.
Family Gratitude2Can be incorporated into a wine/beer strategy, but not always relevant.
Flame Amulets2Provides flexibility and makes reputation gain through resolve easier.
Improvised Tools2Offers a decent gold income at the cost of beaver resolve.
Leather Gloves2Less impactful than Giant Veggies, but still useful if you rely on leather.
Lost in the Wilds2Similar to Baptism of Fire, the value of coal is subjective.
Prayer Book2More useful early game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Exploration Expedition ranked so high?

It regularly opens glades for free, supplying resources and avoiding hostility from glade events. On harder difficulties, this benefit becomes even more valuable as the game progresses.

Silent Looting seems OP! Is it worth the risk?

The -30 hostility per year is tempting, but the risk of losing resources isn’t insignificant. It’s better if you weigh the potential benefits against your risk tolerance before diving in.

Are there any hidden gems on the list?

You can keep an eye out for Mist Piercers and Rooty Ground! They offer powerful effects with manageable downsides, especially at high prestige.

Are there any cornerstones you didn’t include?

We have intentionally omitted some cornerstones because they are situational, offer minimal benefit, or become irrelevant later in the game. These include “Cosmetics Spec,” “Vineyard Town,” and “Well-Rested Workers.

I play on lower prestige levels. How relevant is this tier list for me?

While the list is based on higher prestige experience, many cornerstones remain valuable at lower levels. You should focus on resource-boosting options like Woodcutters Prayer, Grain Delivery Line, and Lost Supplies, as they provide immediate benefits and help with early game growth.

That’s all for today! Remember, this Against the Storm cornerstone tier list is a starting point, not a rigid rulebook. Feel free to ask any further questions you have about the tier list.