ALL 8 Reindeer Locations In Car Dealership Tycoon 2024

Feeling frosty and festive? Then buckle up, because Santa’s got a quest for you! It involves finding eight reindeer scattered across the snowy plains of Car Dealership Tycoon!

Santa, after sending you on a trip to find eight Sleigh Locations, now sets you on a quest to find eight more lovely reindeer.

So join me as I navigate the snowy landscapes and help you collect these festive creatures one by one.

Finding All Reindeer Locations In Car Dealership Tycoon

Editor’s Note: All Reindeer locations have been given here! Folks, keep in mind that you heard it here first. To my competitors who are going to copy and paste my guide, please at least give me credit for what I’ve done. Gratitude ~

1Top of the hill by the canalLook for a sparkling reindeer near the water fountain.
2Tunnel entrance near the mountainHead down the tunnel and keep your eyes open for a glowing reindeer.
3Behind the gas stationThis sneaky reindeer is hiding just off the road, so be sure to check behind the pumps.
4Top of the rockClimb to the top of the rock formation and you’ll find a reindeer with a majestic view.
5Snow-covered fieldLook for a reindeer standing out against the white snow.
6Forest pathFollow the path through the trees and you’ll eventually stumble upon a reindeer.
7Hill near the bridgeClimb the hill next to the bridge and you’ll find a reindeer enjoying the scenery.
8Another snow-covered fieldHead to another snow-covered field and keep your eyes wide open for the final reindeer.

That’s all the knowledge you have to have when it comes to the locations of every Reindeer in Car Dealership Tycoon.

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