All 8 Sleigh Part Locations In Car Dealership Tycoon (XMAS Quest)

Stuck finding all eight sleigh parts in Car Dealership Tycoon for the new XMAS quest event? Follow this guide and discover the hidden locations of all sleigh parts with ease!

Follow us on the hunt as we explore spooky graveyards, speedy race tracks, and the whole city to find each hidden part. We’ve made it easy by listing all the hidden part locations in the table below.

Without ado, it’s time to hunt down those sleigh parts! ️

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Finding all sleigh part locations in Car Dealership Tycoon

Editor’s Note: Use the provided instructions to navigate to each location and claim the corresponding sleigh part. Keep an eye out for hidden spots and explore carefully!

1Industrial Surprise (City Building)Drive to the designated building in the city and explore to find the first sleigh part.
2Bridge Below (Graveyard Area)Head to the graveyard area, and check under the bridge to uncover the second sleigh part.
3Racing to the Third (Circuit Race)Teleport to the Circuit race, and search around, mainly on the track, to locate the third sleigh part.
4Sand Dunes Delight (Sandy Areas)Explore the sandy areas, navigating through the dunes to find the fourth sleigh part.
5Dockside Discovery (Docks Area)Journey to the docks area and carefully search around the water to find the fifth sleigh part.
6Underground Unveiling (City Bridge)Teleport back to the city and search underneath the bridge to unearth the sixth sleigh part.
7Desert Race Track Triumph (Drag Race)Teleport to the Drag race and scout around the track or grassy areas to spot the seventh sleigh part.
8Dockside Déjà Vu (Docks Area)Return to the docks for the final sleigh part. Thoroughly search the area to complete the sleigh collection.

With the sleigh now complete, it’s time to celebrate our success as Santa’s ultimate helpers. If you found this guide helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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