Cat Fantasy Tier List 2024 (These Are The Best Characters)

Cat Fantasy features a variety of unique anthropomorphic cat heroes, but not all are equally effective. Check out this Cat Fantasy tier list to make the best choice for your team!

It’s really easy to just grab a bunch of cute kitties and call it a day in Cat Fantasy, but if you want a team that’ll bring home the bacon, you’ve got to think strategically.

You have to find the right balance of looks and fighting power because let’s be honest, who wants a team that looks like a bunch of strays but hits like a wet noodle?

With the right mix of style and substance, you’ll have a team that can not only rock those catwalks but can crush anyone who gets in your way.

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Cat Fantasy Tier List: These Are The Best Units In The Current Meta

Cat Fantasy characters
Cat Fantasy characters | © Fungo Games

The different tiers of characters in Cat Fantasy are S-tier, A-tier, B-tier, and C-tier. The S-tier characters are the best, the A-tier characters are good, the B-tier characters are average, and the C-tier characters are the worst in the advanced stages of the game.

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I think S-tier characters are the ones you should invest most of your resources in!

  • Olga
  • Yunpei

Have you found your go-to main DPS yet? I’m totally sold on Olga, but I’ve also got my eye on Yunpei. She seems like a real powerhouse too.

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There are so many unique and fun characters in the A-tier category!

  • Nofret
  • White
  • Ina
  • Qi

Qi is definitely my go-to girl in Cat Fantasy. Her debuff skills are top-notch, and I’m a huge fan of her look and personality too.


Having a strong B-tier support unit on your team will be essential in this game!

  • Danica
  • Asura
  • Minami

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These C-tier units are ideal for beginners!

  • Echo
  • Eade

Eade can deal with single-target damage and could be used for frontline warfare.

I hope you’ve found your favorite units in this Cat Fantasy tier list, and if you’re lucky, they’re in the S-tier! But don’t worry if you haven’t found your perfect team yet, there are always new characters coming out all the time.

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