YBA Tier List June 2024: Best Skins + Strategies to Trade

I’ve seen a lot of discussion and confusion about the value of different skins in the Your Bizarre Adventure game, so I decided to put together a comprehensive YBA tier list to help you make sense of it once and for all.

This YBA skins tier list is based on a point system that takes into account rarity, availability, and overall demand, and it’s been rigorously tested in the YBA Discord trading market (and by that, I mean I’ve spent way too many hours haggling in the trading server).

I’ve been playing YBA since its initial release in early 2019 by the Lead Director and Programmer UzuKee. I’ve watched more skin trades go down and shed a few tears when I accidentally rocked my first shiny, and I’ve learned the hard way that not all skins are meant for trading.

So, if you are someone looking to ace the next trade, this YBA tier list is exactly meant for you.

YBA Tier List: Points System Explained

The Point System in this YBA skins tier list is kind of like a currency, but it doesn’t jingle in your pockets—rather, it’s a means of figuring out where skins belong on this tier list!

Here’s how the points for the tier list are calculated, broken down in plain language:

1. Start with the base points for the skin’s rarity:

  • Limited/Unobtainable skins get +700 points.
  • Legendary skins get +500 points.
  • Epic skins get +400 points.
  • Uncommon skins get +200 points.
  • Common skins get +50 points.

2. Adjust for how many different rarities the stand has:

  • If a stand has only one rarity type, you get 1/4th of the base points.
  • If it has two rarity types, you get half the points.
  • Three rarity types get you 3/4ths of the points.
  • And if it has all four rarity types, you get the full base points.

3. For limited/unobtainable skins, subtract points based on how long they’ve been available:

  • Legendary skins lose 2.5 points per week they’ve been obtainable.
  • Epic skins lose 4 points per week.
  • Uncommon skins lose 7.5 points per week.
  • Common skins lose 15 points per week.

4. The final point value determines the skin’s place on the tier list:

  • The higher the points, the higher the tier.

So, basically, the more points a skin has, the rarer and more sought-after it is in the trading market.

Now, here’s how the points translate to tiers:

  • SS Tier (1700-2350 points): These skins are the rarest and most popular in the game, like Mirage of Phantoms.
  • S Tier (1300-1700 points): These skins are still decent, like Snake of Christmas Past. They’re not quite as rare as the top tier, but everyone wants them.
  • A Tier (900-1300 points): These skins are neat and not too common, like The Waifu. They’re a good balance of rarity and style.
  • B Tier (600-900 points): These skins are somewhat popular, like Shadow The World. They’re not the rarest, but they still look good.
  • C Tier (300-600 points): These skins are alright, like Nocturne. They’re not the top tier, but some people still like them.
  • D Tier (200-400 points): These skins are just there, like Heaven Spirit. They’re not bad, but not amazing either.
  • F Tier (0-200 points): These skins are kind of funny, like Mr. Joestar. They’re not meant to be super stylish, but they’re good for a laugh.

YBA Skins Tier List: Our best skin recommendations for June 2024

Here’s the YBA skin tier list in a simpler table format, showcasing the coolest (and rarest) stands in the June 15, 2024 meta:

TierSkin NamePoints
SSMirage of Phantoms2034
SSMade in Christmas Future1840
SSHorseman of Heaven1832.5
SSnake of Christmas Past1690
SGhost World1632.5
SDevil’s Moon1622
SGrim Reaper1615
S Spirit Bomb Sword1492
AThe Waifu1294
AIce Cold Chilli Pepper1270
ASnow Golem/Sheared Snow Golem1184
BShadow The World/The World’s Greatest High850
BTākoizu Dragon892
BStone Platinum/The Waifu Alternate Universe700
CNocturne/Manga Crimson550
CGhost Chariot Requiem525
DOVA Silver Chariot337.5
DHeaven Spirit375
DHolly’s Sickness325
DVanilla Ice Cream287.5
FStar Striped Eagle237.5
FMr. Joestar100
The table above ranks Skins from SS Tier to F Tier

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you determine the points for each skin?

The points are based on a combination of rarity and demand. Limited-time event skins and highly popular skins received higher points.

Points are also adjusted based on the number of rarities a skin has (one rarity = full points, four rarities = 1/4th points).

Can I use this tier list to trade my skins?

While this YBA skins tier list was created to give you a good starting point for valuing skins, it shouldn’t be the sole factor in your trades.

You must consider other factors like your personal attachment to the skin, its current trading value in the community, and potential future demand.

Will this YBA skins tier list ever change?

Yes, we will make changes if any new skin is released with new events or community preferences changes.

That’s all for now! Remember, this YBA tier list is just a tool to help you navigate the world of YBA skins. Ultimately, the coolest skin is the one that makes you unleash your inner JoJo!

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