IDLE Berserker Tier List 2024: Best skills & characters guide

Want to hear a secret? We’ve figured out how to be the ULTIMATE BERSERKER in the popular IDLE Berserker mobile game.

No more getting squished by grumpy goblins or stuck staring at the Black Dragon’s big old teeth. Nope, with our super-duper updated IDLE Berserker tier list, you’ll be able to create a perfect combo of skill and hero to challenge any enemy that comes at you.

So, let’s get started!

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IDLE Berserker Skills Tier List: Updated list for May 2024

ActiveRequiemSS22.3sBest active skill, high damage to all enemies, increases damage taken.
ActiveDownward StrikeS13sAoE damage to all enemies, good against multiple targets.
ActiveBlizzardS21.5sAoE damage, slows enemies, great for clearing waves.
ActiveUpward StrikeA9.2sAoE damage to 3 enemies, decent cooldown.
ActiveMark of DeathA7.6sStuns and damages target, good for bosses.
ActiveChain of EvilA12.7sHigh damage, debuffs enemy.
ActiveSword of DestructionA7.6sGood damage, increases enemy damage taken.
ActiveAbyssal WaveA14.1sAoE damage, slows enemies, decent cooldown.
ActiveContemptB11.9sGood damage, reduces enemy attack.
ActiveCurse of BloodB8.7sAoE damage over time.
ActiveEvil GripB9.1sDamages and roots enemies.
ActiveEnvy of Evil SpiritsB17.4sExtra damage, heals slightly.
ActiveMomentum of the BerserkerC8.9sBuffs attack.
ActiveJudgment of EvilC8.9sAoE damage.
ActiveBloody BladesC6.6sAoE damage, outclassed by others.
ActiveEviscerateC5.9sGood for early game, damages and silences.
ActiveSword of the DemonC8sDecent damage, not exceptional.
ActiveUnbreakable WillD24sWeakest skill, short duration, bad cooldown.
PassiveVengeanceSS0sHuge damage and skill buff at low health, no cooldown.
PassiveContract of ChaosS0sBuffs attack and speed in berserk mode.
PassiveEmbodiment of the AbyssS0sBuffs attack speed after berserk ends.
PassiveDance of CorruptionA0sStacks attack against single target, great for bosses.
PassiveRage of the BerserkerA1sBuffs next attack after taking damage.
PassiveFeast of BloodA0sHeals based on defeated enemies, good for sustain.
PassiveRampageB0sBuffs critical damage in berserk mode.
PassiveDescending DarknessB0sReduces damage taken at low health.
PassiveWarmongerC12.2sBuffs attack speed and attack on critical hit.
PassiveLust for BloodC0sPermanent attack buff.
PassiveSurvival of the FittestD0sSituational damage buff based on crowd control.
PassiveImmortalityD180sWeak effect, long cooldown.

IDLE Berserker Character Tier List for May 2024

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Let us first share with you the super newest IDLE Berserker farming tier list. It’s like a list that tells you which ones are the best for farming and which ones to avoid.

IDLE Berserker: Farming Tier List

These tiers trend towards S+ Awakening.

IDLE Berserker farming tier list

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IDLE Berserker: Awakening Tier List

The following tier list apply to players below S rank (Pushing), or who aren’t level 700-800+

IDLE Berserker awakening tier list

IDLE Berserker: S Rank Character Tier List

The following tier list apply to players who have achieved S rank or above (Pushing), and are level 700-800+

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IDLE Berserker character tier list

IDLE Berserker: Devastated Forest Tier List

This tier list assumes you understand the mechanics of the Desolate Forest dungeon and are more than familiar with partner vs equip slot stat vs skill optimization. This Tier-List can be applied to boss fights in general, so use this if it makes more sense to you.

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IDLE Berserker Devastated Forest tier list

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And now, we’re finished up with this super-duper new tier list and guide for IDLE Berserker. Make sure to come back and often visit to find out all the new stuff that’s been added to this page.

IDLE Berserker keeps getting filled with more and more exciting things, so stay tuned for more.