Inherited Flame Codes for June 2024: Get Bronze Coins, Gold, & More

Trapped within the mortal coil of Inherited Flame? Want to take on the battlefield as a hero and harness your inner warrior? Unlock the gates to power with new Inherited Flame codes!

About Inherited Flame

Inherited Flame is a stunning 3D MMORPG by Li ZiQi with exciting battles where you choose from a variety of different heroes to create your ideal team. You can also claim various rewards such as equipment, gold, and upgraded props.

As you get past captivating challenges and powerful bosses, immerse yourself in breathtaking visuals, including intricate maps and eye-catching effects.

See if you are ready to join this colourful world, pick your path, follow your passion, and go on an endless adventure!

Inherited Flame Free Gift Codes List: All these are active in June 2024 

Keep this page bookmarked to learn more about becoming a legend in the Inherited Flame game!

VIP888Redeem for Gold, Bronze, etc
VIP999Redeem for Advanced Summon Scrolls, Bronze, etc
VIP1111Redeem for Summoning Scroll, Bronze, etc
VIP7777Redeem for Ration Dango, Bronze, etc
CS888Redeem for Summoning Scroll, Bronze, etc
CS666Redeem for Gold, Bronze, etc
CS777Redeem for Ration Dango, Bronze, etc
1097E4C6FBFD4826Redeem for Advanced Summon Scrolls, Bronze, etc
1097E235BF5D02D6Redeem for Gold, Bronze, etc

How to redeem these gift codes?

Here are three simple and easy steps to redeem them in the Inherited Flame code redemption section:

  1. Launch the game through Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  2. Click on the Benefits option, and click on the Redeem Code button.
  3. Input the code and press the Claim Pack option to get your complimentary rewards.

How do we verify these coupon codes?

Having an inactive coupon code can be quite frustrating, don’t you agree? Here’s the breakdown of how we ensure that you consistently enjoy the best deals with Inherited Flame coupon codes:

  • We test all of them: Prior to sharing them here, we test each coupon code to guarantee that you always receive verified deals.
  • We publish fast: Recognizing that these codes have expiry dates, we prioritize fast delivery to prevent any missed opportunities.
  • We don’t steal: Our coupon codes come directly from official sources like the official website, Discord, Twitter, and Facebook – no shady business here.

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