Pet Simulator 99 Gamepass Tier List (June 2024)

Feeling overwhelmed by the endless Pet Simulator 99 gamepass options? Our comprehensive Pet Simulator 99 gamepass tier list will help you choose the best ones and maximize your fun!

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Pet Simulator 99 Tier List (Best Gamepasses)

After extensive research, I’ve learned which gamepasses are worth your hard-earned cash and which ones are nothing more than a right load of rubbish.

Remember, this Pet Simulator 99 gamepass tier list is a bit of a subjective affair, so your needs might not always align with my recommendations. But trust me, I’ve put my heart and soul into this guide to help you make the best decisions and avoid any noob mistakes.

Roblox Pet Simulator 99 gamepass tier list
Image designed by Clashiverse

SS-Tier Gamepasses

  • Magic Eggs: Costs 1200 Robux – It can make you hatch any pets with a chance of being RB.
  • Huge Hunter: Costs 3250 Robux – It gives significantly more luck hatching active Huge Pets. (REBIRTH 2+)

S-Tier Gamepasses

  • Lucky: Costs 275 Robux – This will give you better luck with all egg openings. (PERMANENT, STACKS)
  • Ultra Lucky: Costs 800 Robux – Ever better luck with all eggs. (PERMANENT, STACKS)
  • +15 Pets: Costs 375 Robux – It gives a headstart with +15 pets equipped. (STACKS)

A-Tier Gamepasses

  • VIP: Costs 400 Robux – Benefits include VIP mine, Exclusive Axolotl Hoverboard, VIP booth, and more.
  • Auto Farm: Costs 175 Robux – Pets stay in areas on command. Pets will also pick coins and drops for you.
  • Daycare Slots: Costs 625 Robux – Gives you extra daycare slots which you can use to send more pets to daycare.
  • +15 Eggs: Costs 625 Robux – Gives you a headstart with a +15 egg open. (STACKS)

B-Tier Gamepasses

  • Auto Tap: Costs 350 Robux – It gives you Auto Tapper features which automatically tap breakables.

Pet Simulator 99 FAQ

Which gamepass should I prioritize first?

The Magic Eggs gamepass is considered the most valuable and should be prioritized first, especially if you are aiming to hatch Rainbow Pets.

Are the Lucky and Ultra Lucky gamepasses worth the cost?

They improve the chances of a pet hatching and are ideal gamepass for those who are serious about pet progression and collection, even though they are not necessary for casual play.

How does the Auto Tap gamepass benefit?

The Auto Tap gamepass automatically taps on breakables, this saving you time and effort. It can be particularly useful for areas with plenty of breakables.

That’s a wrap on this epic Pet Simulator 99 Gamepass tier list. Remember, this is just a personal opinion, and your needs might be different depending on your current setup and goals.