Piece Adventures Simulator Tier List for 2024

Here you will find the newest Piece Adventures Simulator tier list. It is a latest game on Roblox that has exciting features such as character summoning, mob battles, and treasure hunting. We have ranked every character in this guide depending on how powerful and useful they are to you in the game. This tier list will help you in assembling a strong team regardless of your degree of experience.

So, if you want to take on any challenge in this new game, be sure to check out this Piece Adventures Simulator tier list. And always remember, no pirate ever made it to the top without good crewmates!

Piece Adventures Simulator Tier List

This is my updated tier list for Piece Adventures game:-

Tier Rank Character Name
S-tier Mihawk, Secret, Buggy
A-tier Arlong, Albeta, Zero
B-tier Smoker, Shigi
C-tier Ussop, Sonji, Laffy, Nami

This Piece Adventures Simulator tier list rates the characters based on their skills and abilities only. But, keep in mind that each one has their own unique playstyle. Some may prefer sneaky approach, while others prefer to use brute force!

Regardless of where your loyalty lies, each character brings their own set of skills to the table.

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List of all characters in Piece Adventures Simulator

If you are ready to set sail in Piece Adventures Simulator, then you better know your crewmates. This game has 12 characters to choose from, 6 you can summon, 5 must be bought from the raid shop and 1 secret (The secret unit cannot be summoned).

  • Secret
  • Albeta
  • Buggy
  • Laffy
  • Zero
  • Mihawk
  • Nami
  • Shigi
  • Smoker
  • Sonji
  • Ussop
  • Arlong

Whether you prefer a sharpshooter or a master swordsman, this crew list has it all. So pick your favorite character and get ready to plunder some loot!