Roblox Pilgrammed Beginner Guide (2024)

Hey guys, here is the the new and updated Roblox Pilgrammed beginner guide. Released by “Phexonia Studios“, Pilgrammed is a role-playing game available on Roblox where you can explore an open world. In this game, you can make guns, and buy armor using coins and various materials.

There are different locations for you to visit with unique enemies and bosses that increase in difficulty as you progress to higher levels through the game.

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Roblox Pilgrammed Beginner Guide

Firstly, this guide will help you navigate the game’s mechanics and provides information for improving your gameplay.

Game Mechanics

Hardcore Mode

You can click it in the menu, once you die in hardcore mode, your hardcore slot is wiped. Hardcore slots gets x2 exp and Gold. As soon as you die you get kicked.


Elements are a variable that affects the damage you deal to enemies.

Most weapons and enemies have an assigned element which can render your attacks ineffective or greatly effective against them, the Perception skill nullifies all ineffectiveness.

For Example:

  • Fire overpowers Ice.
  • Ice overpowers Water.

Statistics and Cabinets

There are five main stats:

  • Strength – increases melee damage.
  • Intellect – increases magic damage and mana capacity.
  • Dexterity – increases ranged damage and swing speed.
  • Agility – increases how fast you move.
  • Defense – increases your damage reduction.

Status effects

These are not elements:

  • Bleed – inflicts 10 damage per tick.
  • Heavy Bleed – inflicts 20 damage per tick.
  • Venom – inflicts 6 damage per tick.


You can interact with a cabinet to wear equipment, armors, and helmets.


Mirrors and Beds

When there is a bed, there will be a mirror. Beds are spawn points. If you remove your spawn point by clicking again, you will respawn at Vermeil Village.

Mirrors are simplified as a fast travel mechanic, listed below are all of the warp locations.

warp locations

Foraging and Mining

Mining is done by using a pickaxe on an ore, different powers of pickaxes changes what you can and cannot mine.

Ore loot pool: Tin, Zinc, Copper, Sulfur, Iron, Demetal, Mithril, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond

Foraging is done by using a melee weapon on a tree, hitting a tree too much will destroy it.

Tree loot pool: Apple, Blue Berry, Red Berry, Lemon, Lime, Coconut, Orange, Swamp Apple

You can also harvest flowers scattered around some specific regions by interacting with them.


It is a way of collecting loot


  • A shark (Sinister Sea)
  • A rotten diver (anywhere but the Sinister and Northern sea)
  • Salmon (Sinister Sea, Western Sea)
  • Sea Bass (Sinister Sea, Northern Sea)
  • Alga Trout (Western Sea)
  • Squid (Western Sea)
  • Salt Eel (Eastern Sea)
  • Garden Jellyfish (Northern Sea)
  • Scrap Metal (Sinister Sea)
  • Chest



  • Green Slime – amplifies duration by 50%
  • Blue Slime – amplifies effect by 7.5% and duration by 33%


  • Apple – heals +22 hp
  • each extra Apple – heals +15 hp
  • Coconut – heals 15 hp, 11% increased speed for 15 seconds
  • each extra Coconut heals 7 hp, +4% increased speed for 7 seconds


Meteors will spawn as a glimpse of light falling from the sky, as you approach there will be an Meteor enemy. Meteor enemies are WAY stronger than normal enemies. They will drop Gems, or rare items.



Most of the races are currently cosmetics, the only race that will give you a gameplay change at this moment is Vampire. You can reset your race at the Creeper Reaper.

  • Ice Imp/Troll: Gelician gives you it and she’s located below Sky City Skin tone goes from blue to grey, and you deal more frost damage.
  • Vampire: Simon is located in an island called Pale Island, behind Sailord’s Boss Island. Your skin tone becomes pale and you take 25% more damage but heal on kill.



Resets EVERYTHING in your slot except its Appearance, Bestiary, Achievements, Settings, and one accessory of your choice (it has to be in your first equipped accessory slot though). Upon prestiging some of your quests will glitch

In return, you gain the Soul Fragment accessory, Tuxedo armor and Fedora helmet.

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Armors List


Light but tough gear suited for the bandit life.


  • +6 Strength
  • +4 Defense

Obtaining: 4.85% Drop chance from Raider


“Traditional and dapper clothing worn by the people of Vermeil Village.”


  • -42% Fall Damage
  • +4 Agility

Obtaining: “A Family Feud” Questline

Chaos Cultist

“Curiosity killed the cat. Poor Cat”

Damage dealt is multiplied by 50% to 150%


  • +15 Intellect
  • +10 Defense
  • +5 Agility
  • +15 Strength
  • +10 Mana

Obtaining: 100% Drop chance from N


“Mystical robes enchanted with the waves themselves”

Set Bonus: Spending 70 or more mana in 3 seconds grants you 50% mana cost reduction for 5 seconds.


  • +25 Intellect
  • +12 Defense
  • +20% Regeneration
  • +10 Max Mana

Obtaining: 49.73% Drop chance from Bigfish

Elite Knight

“Elite iron plates make you a beast.”


  • +18 Defense


  • -4 Agility

Obtaining: “Elite Training” Questline


“A lightweight vest that provides ideal protection for travelling!”


  • +4 Defense
  • +4 Agility

Obtaining: Purchase from Gerald in Vermeil Village


“Made of tough leather and lined with brass.”

Hitting an enemy with a bullet makes your next shot cost 25% less mana.

+10 Intellect
+8 Defense
+15 Dexterity

Obtaining: Purchase from Verdant in Stone surgeon

Leather Mage

“Enchanted leather robes for novice mages.”


  • +4 Intellect
  • +4 Defense
  • +4 Max Mana

Obtaining: Purchase from Gerald in Vermeil Village




  • +30 strength
  • +15% swing speed


  • -10 Defense

Obtaining: Purchase from Liar in the Snow Highlands

Martial Kai Gi

“This Gi has been worn down by countless wars.”

Set Bonus: Your Kai Fists deal 20% more damage with Martial Headband.


  • +5% Crit Chance
  • +10 Dexterity
  • +5 Agility
  • +15 Strength
  • +1 Jump(s)

Obtaining: 33.33% Drop chance from Kai Guy


“Clothes often worn mercenaries for their utility in close combat.”

Your guns have 50% less range, but deal 15% more damage.


  • +8 Intellect
  • +6 Defense
  • +12 Dexterity

Obtaining: 3% drop chance from Mercenary


““Monsters are scary, and spooky.” – Tales of Pilgrammed”

Critical hits heal 15% of damage dealt.


  • +20 Intellect
  • +10% Crit Chance
  • +25 Strength
  • +20 Dexterity
  • +8 Agility


  • -50% Regeneration

Obtaining: Purchase from Billy at the Egg roost Observatory

Pirate Captain

“Arr! Pirate.”

Set Bonus: Your flintlock shoots 3 bullet in an arc.


  • +8 Dexterity
  • +10% Crit chance
  • +8 Defense

Obtaining: 49.75% Drop chance from Pop Off Pirate

Pit Fighter

“We can use these for big pits!”

Swing spears 15% faster.


  • +4 Dexterity
  • +6 Defense
  • +8 Strength

Obtaining: Purchase from Lorgan in the Desert Outpost


“Power courses through the finely woven robes.”

Taking at least 10 damage grants an array of buffs on a 30 second cooldown.


  • +12 Defense
  • +15 Strength


  • -4 Agility
  • +50% detection risk

Obtaining: Craft from Galon at Volcano


“You’ve done it. This truly is my Pilgrammed.”


  • -33% Fall damage
  • +5 Agility

Obtaining: Talk to Mega Death and Rebirth


“Cold steel plates and brown feral fur.”

Set Bonus: Deal 15% more damage to formidable foes.


  • +15 Defense
  • +20 Strength


  • -4 Agility

Obtaining: Open the chest at the end of the Northern Labyrinth

Snow Wanderer

“A snow white garb enchanted by the icy mountain winds..”

Set Bonus: Parrying builds up layers of snow that reduce damage by 25%


  • +4 Agility
  • +10 Defense
  • +15 Strength
  • -16% Fall Damage

Obtaining: 7.97% Drop chance from Bushwalker


“Tough iron plate make you a beast.”


  • +8 Defense
  • -2 Agility

Obtaining: Purchase from Pwnsalot

Our new Pilgrammed beginner guide is now complete. We have tried our best to provide valuable information on core game mechanics such as hardcore mode, stats, and elements. We have also covered fishing, cauldrons, amplifiers, races, rebirthing, and armor options that you see in the game.