Project Mugetsu Resurrection Tier List (Resurrección Ranked)

Hey there! Welcome to the Project Mugetsu Resurrection tier list! Project Mugetsu has been the buzz around town lately and if you’re playing as an Arrancar or Hollow, you got to unlock your Resurrección by defeating a boss in the Inner World after pressing “K”.

Resurrección is the main power of Arrancars and Hollows, and this tier list ranks their forms based on how powerful and effective they are in combat. To unlock all the moves, you’ll need to defeat the boss several times. However, be mindful of the 12-minute cooldown following each use.

Let’s get started and see which Resurrección forms succeed!

Project Mugetsu Resurrection Tier List

The development team has plans to release even more Resurrección forms over time, including some non-canon ones, ensuring that the action and surprises keep coming.

Rest assured, frequent updates will be provided in this tier list to keep things fresh and exciting.

Project Mugetsu TIER S Resurrection

Los Lobos

Los Lobos Resurrección is a powerful Arrancar form in Project Mugetsu that gives you access to four badass moves. First off, your M1 attack becomes an epic cero blast from your guns, adding some serious firepower to your punches.

Then, you’ve got Colmillo (Z), where you do a flashy spinning slash with energy swords, perfect for extending combos or starting them off. Cero Gun (X) lets you shoot a strong cero from your right gun, knocking opponents backward and breaking their guard.

And if you reach Zanpakuto Evolution Level 35, you’ll unlock the devastating Cero Metralleta (V), where you unleash a barrage of ceros from both guns, causing a massive explosion on impact.

Just watch out for the cooldowns, ranging from 10 to 60 seconds depending on the move.


Tormenta Resurrección is like a supercharged form that gives you four awesome moves to wreck your opponents. When you first activate it, you’ll have access to Lanzamiento, which lets you throw an electric javelin for some serious AOE damage.

Once you hit Resurrección Evolution Level 10, you can bust out Raiko Blitz, where you teleport around your enemies and finish them off with a powerful punch. And it keeps getting better! At Resurrección Evolution Level 20, you can call down lightning from the sky with El Thor.

At Level 35, you can unleash Purga De Trueno, a massive discharge of electricity that hits multiple times and paralyzes anyone caught in it.

Project Mugetsu TIER A Resurrection


To activate the Arrogante Resurrección in Project Mugetsu, just type in “(call name), Arrogante” (e.g. Roar, Arrogante). Once activated, you’ll gain access to four powerful moves. The first one is a passive move that lets you deal extra rot damage with a punch.

The second move, Rot Grab [Z], allows you to pick up and choke enemies in the air, leaving them with rot damage over time. The third move, Axe Slam [X], requires a Resurrección Evolution Level of at least 10, and lets you slam your axe into the ground, creating a massive area of effect (AOE) with rot damage.

The fourth move, Death Projectiles [C], requires a Resurrección Evolution Level of at least 20, and lets you throw rot orb projectiles in diagonal directions, causing impact on hit.

Lastly, the Death Pillars [V] move requires a Resurrección Evolution Level of at least 35, and lets you create rot pillars that deal massive damage with an extended hitbox range.

Project Mugetsu TIER B Resurrection


To activate the Gravitas Resurrección in Project Mugetsu, just type in “(call name), Gravitas” (e.g. Roar, Gravitas). Once activated, you’ll gain access to four powerful moves.

The first move, Zero Gravity [Z], lets you cast a gravity-suppressing power at your mouse position, causing opponents to float for a few seconds and then slam them to the ground with damage.

The second move, Gravity Throw [X], requires a Zanpakuto Evolution Level of at least 10, and lets you throw a gravity orb that pulls nearby players, deals damage, and stuns them for a free combo opportunity.

The third move, Gravity Orb [C], requires a Zanpakuto Evolution Level of at least 20, and lets you throw a gravity orb that explodes multiple times, dealing damage with each explosion.

Lastly, the Gravity Control [V] move requires a Zanpakuto Evolution Level of at least 35, and lets you throw gravity straight ahead, inflicting high damage and has guardbreak capability.

Project Mugetsu TIER C Resurrection


Activating Volcanica Resurrección in Project Mugetsu is as easy as typing “(call name), Volcanica”! Once activated, you’ll have access to four sizzling moves.

The first one is Lava Blade [Z], where you can imbue your arm with scorching lava and strike your opponent, dealing damage and setting them on fire.

Next up is Kaboosh [X], which requires a Zanpakuto Evolution Level of at least 10, and lets you slam the ground with a lava-infused attack, dealing damage and burning all players in the vicinity.

When you reach a Zanpakuto Evolution Level of 20, you’ll unlock Lava Bullets [C], allowing you to fire flaming projectiles that deal damage and cause burning upon hitting opponents.

And for the ultimate volcanic power, at Zanpakuto Evolution Level 35, you’ll gain access to Lava Detonation [V], an unblockable and powerful stab attack.

Project Mugetsu Resurrection FAQ’s

Q: Are all Resurrección forms equally powerful?

A: All Resurrección forms have been balanced to ensure they are all equally powerful.

Q: How do I activate my Resurrección form?

A: To activate your Resurrección form, you must have a full Ignition bar (blue bar) and type in chat: “(call name), your resurreción”. For example: (Howl, Resurreción). The call names you can use are: Howl, Bloom, Roar, Devour, Scatter, Reap, Dance, Fly, Awake, Dash, Burst, Sing, Growl.

Q: How do I reroll my Resurrección form?

A: In order to reroll your Resurrección form, you will need to talk to Dante in Hueco Mundo. Dante is an NPC who can be found in Hueco Mundo and can reroll your Resurrección form in exchange for $85000.

Q: Can I enhance or improve my Resurrección form?

A: As of now, Resurrección forms cannot be enhanced or improved beyond their initial capabilities. Luckily additional updates will bring about upgrades, so be on the lookout for any announcements.

Q: Is there a cooldown for using Resurrección?

A: Yes, there is a cooldown period after using Resurrección. The cooldown time may vary depending on the specific Resurrección form and its abilities. It’s important to strategize and time your Resurrección activations wisely during battles.

Gather your skills, choose your Resurrección form wisely, and unleash its fiery power in battles to become a mighty force in the world of Project Mugetsu!

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