Roblox Pirate Battlegrounds Beginners Guide 2024

Pirate Battlegrounds is a new Roblox game made by woah, a group where you can fight other players with the moves of One-Piece characters.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know to start in Pirate Battlegrounds. We will cover everything from the characters of the game, basic mechanics to the official Pirate Battlegrounds Trello.

So, if you are ready to set sail and become the Pirate King, let’s start!

Pirate Battlegrounds Beginners Guide
By Clashiverse

Pirate Battlegrounds Beginners Guide Wiki

The first step is to choose a character to play as. The following characters are currently up for grabs in the game.

Luffy (PTS)

By Clashiverse

Luffy is a stretchy pirate boy who loves to fight and eat meat. He’s the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and is on a quest to find the legendary One-Piece treasure.

In Pirate Battlegrounds, Luffy is a powerful melee character who specializes in dealing hard-hitting combos. He’s got a good mix of ranged and close-range attacks, making him one of the best fighters.


  • Gear 3rd’s final M1 is a big fist that slams the floor.
  • The player has an option to choose between Gear 2 or Gear 3 when they awaken.


  • M1 – Stretchy Blows

Luffy sends out three powerful blows that end in a final punch to knock opponents back.

  • C – Conqueror’s Haki

Luffy releases a burst of Conqueror’s Haki that sends anyone who is near the user flying.

  • 1 – Gum Gum: Pistol

Luffy winds back his incredibly stretchy arm before unleashing a mighty punch. This punch gains extra range due to the user’s extreme elasticity.

  • 3 – Gum Gum: Kane

Luffy grabs an opponent before winding their head back and slamming it straight into the opponent’s face.

  • 4 – Gum Gum: Gatling

Luffy releases a flurry of incredibly fast punches that decimate any opponent they hit.


When Luffy awakens, he can choose between Gear 2 or Gear 3. Gear 2 gives him a boost in speed and attack power, while Gear 3 gives him a boost in strength and durability.

  • Gear 2 + 1 – Jet Stamp

Luffy teleports above an opponent before using the speed of Gear 2 to stamp down onto the opponent’s head in the blink of an eye.

  • G + Z – Second Gear

Luffy slams his fist into the ground before increasing the rate at which his blood flows, this allows for extremely fast transportation of nutrients and oxygen which in turn allows for an incredible speed and power boost.

Zoro (PTS)

By Clashiverse

Roronoa Zoro is a swordsman that uses three swords. He is a powerful fighter and is one of the four current playable characters in Pirate Battlegrounds.

Swift Slashes

  • Sends out 3 powerful slashes that ends in a final slash to knock opponents back

Rageful Burst

  • Swings both swords which releases a wave of energy that pushes anyone nearby away

36 Pound Phoenix

  • Releases a powerful projectile by slashing the air
  • Can be blocked
  • Cannot hit grounded players
  • Can combo extend

36 Pound Phoenix Variant

  • Releases a 36 Pound Phoenix but instead of slashing forward, slashes downwards
  • Cannot be blocked
  • Can hit grounded players
  • Can combo extend

Nigiri: Toro

  • Uses 2 swords to slash upwards which sends anyone hit flying
  • Bypasses block
  • Can hit grounded
  • Can combo extend

Shishi Sonson

  • Pulls sword towards waist before dashing insanely fast forwards
  • Blockable
  • Can hit grounded
  • Can combo extend


  • Releases 2 upwards slashes similar to Nigiri: Toro however these slashes only knock back and do not send the opponent into the air
  • Cannot be blocked
  • Cannot hit grounded
  • Can combo extend

Three Sword Style

  • Decides to take the fight more seriously and begins to use all three swords instead of one or two
  • Allows the player to use an entirely different move set

108 Pound Phoenix

  • Releases a slash that sends the opponent in the air, the opponent in the air then get pelted with 3 powerful blasts which the player finishes with a violent dash towards the ground that slashes through the opponent
  • Cannot be blocked

108 Pound Phoenix Variant

  • Sends 3 powerful slashes that spread out in front of them
  • Cannot be blocked

Yasha Garasu

  • Assumes a stance before spinning so fast that they appear invisible and their swords become a vertical circle of death
  • Cannot be blocked


  • Does 2 spinning slashes before unleashing a violent tornado of destruction that sucks anyone that comes nearby into it. After awhile this violent tornado ceases to exist and any players that remain get slashed away.
  • Cannot be blocked


  • Takes a stance before rushing forward, if the player decides to use the move again they will jump and slam the ground before throwing the opponent up and slashing them away. If the player decided not to use the move again they will run for a longer time before doing the slam.
  • Cannot be blocked

Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci
By Clashiverse

Rob Lucci, the protagonist of the popular anime One Piece, is one of the four playable characters in the battle royale game Pirate Battlegrounds. He is a fast-paced fighter who specializes in dealing high damage and chaining together combos.

M1: Scratchy Swipes

This is Rob Lucci’s basic attack, consisting of three powerful swipes that end in a final swipe that knocks opponents back.

C: Prowling Rage

Rob Lucci unleashes a burst of rage that sends anyone nearby flying. This move is great for clearing out areas or creating space between Rob Lucci and his opponents.

1: Shigan

Rob Lucci dashes forward with his fist by his side, knocking the wind out of any opponents he hits. This move can be blocked, but it can also be used to extend combos.

2: Shigan: Ouren

Rob Lucci performs a swift barrage of shigans with incredible speed. This move can also be blocked, but it hits very quickly and can also be used to extend combos.

3: Geppo Uppercut

Rob Lucci delivers a powerful uppercut that knocks his opponent into the air. He then uses soru to appear behind them and slam them into the ground. This move cannot be blocked and can be used to hit grounded opponents. It can also be used to extend combos.

4: Flashstep Fury

Rob Lucci dashes multiple times towards his opponent at vanishing speeds before placing them into a violent combo that ends with them being kicked away. This move cannot be blocked and can be used to hit grounded opponents. It can also be used to extend combos.

Overall, Rob Lucci is a very versatile and powerful fighter in Pirate Battlegrounds. His fast speed and high damage output make him a powerful opponent in any battle.

Sanji (PTS)

By Clashiverse

Sanji (PTS), also known as Black Leg Sanji, is a playable character in Pirate Battlegrounds available in early access. He uses his Black Leg fighting style to deliver extremely powerful kicks onto opponents.


  • Black Kicks

A three-kick combo that ends in a powerful final kick.

  • Affection Burst

Sanji releases a burst of affection that sends anyone who is near him flying.

  • Collier

Sanji sends a mighty kick upwards that sends an opponent into the sky. As they are falling back down the user does a spin kick to boot them away.

  • Concasser

Sanji leaps high into the air and starts flipping rapidly to gain speed, then brings the heel of his foot down on the opponent’s head, smashing them to the ground.


In this section, we will take a closer look at game mechanics and learn how to use them to full potential.

Front Dash

Simply hold W and press Q to dash forward quickly. This move is a great way to close the gap on your opponent and set up your attacks. Be careful, though, as the front dash can be blocked. If you’re not careful, you might leave yourself open to a counterattack.


Back Dash

Hold S and press Q to zoom backwards, catching up to opponents or evading attacks with ease. This move is so fast, you’ll be surprised you don’t leave a sonic boom behind.


Side Dash

Hold S or D and press Q to perform a side dash. This move is incredibly useful for dodging attacks, as it doesn’t share a cooldown with front and back dashes. Meaning you can quickly dash in any direction to avoid danger, or to get the perfect angle on an enemy.


Bursts are a form of evasive in Pirates Battlegrounds that replace ragdoll cancels in other games. A player can use burst to blast anyone who is near them away to give them some breathing room to think and plan their next attack.

Pirate Battlegrounds Trello & Discord

To keep in touch with new updates, sneak peek, and even Pirate Battlegrounds codes join the official Discord server and bookmark the Trello board.

That’s all for today! PC and Mobile are the only currently supported platforms to play Pirate Battlegrounds.