Roblox Shadovia Materials Tier List 2024: Best Crafting Items

Are you tired of wasting time and resources on materials that don’t deliver? You can reach the full potential of your Shadovia crafting with our new materials tier list!

Our tier list will help you make the most of every mushroom, ingot, and potion you find in the game. For better understanding, we’ve ranked all the materials in the game from S-tier (the GOATs) to E-tier (the duds), so you can focus on crafting the gear that’ll make you a legendary hero.

Without ado, let’s get started!

Roblox Shadovia Tier List: All materials ranked for better crafting

Editor’s Note: I’ve played Shadovia for a good bit, and let me tell you, things shift fast. Updates and new discoveries can alter the effectiveness of materials. Save this page so you can keep up and tweak your choices as needed.

NameTierDetailsObtained fromUsed forRarity
RedcapSEdible fungus, boosts in stewCan be picked/common chestsMushroom SoupCommon
Brown FlatcapSEdible fungusCan be picked/common chestsN/ACommon
BeigonSBoosts speedCan be picked/common chestsN/ACommon
Toad TrumperSHardens skin (overeat with caution)Can be picked/common chestsN/ACommon
EggSBreakfast foodUnder chickens/PilgrimN/ACommon
Pure Ninja PotionASecret ninja concoctionN/ABuffs/debuffs/Ninja ArmorRare
MilkADelicious for cats and nightsCow/PilgrimN/ACommon
PumpkinALarge vegetable (grows slowly)Shacks/Ghost TownN/ACommon
Silk ThreadAGreat for weaponsN/AWeaponsN/A
Animal HideALeather from animalsScarab/Tomb chestsN/ACommon
SlimeChunkAGood for hairSlime enemiesN/ACommon
Prickly PearBSaves desert travelersCactus in desertN/ACommon
WheatBGrows everywhere (makes bread)ShacksN/ACommon
Pillager’s Silver IngotBDropped by pillagersPillager enemiesN/ACommon
Bronze IngotBAlloy made with hard workN/AN/AUncommon
Iron IngotCDense bar (required for tools)N/AToolsUncommon
Silk StringCGreat for weaponsN/AWeaponsUncommon
Cactus JuiceCRestores health and gives speed boostN/AConsumableUncommon
Mushroom SoupCRestores bonus health2 Redcaps (cooked)ConsumableUncommon
Silver IngotCShimmers, great for armor/reflectionN/AN/ARare
Light StudCRemnants of a gentle soulLost Souls/RuinsCrafting materialRare
PinestoolCPowerful mushroom (overeat with caution)Sunny Goblins/InnN/ARare
DayflowerDHardens skin (overeat with caution)Dropped by Sunny Goblins/InnN/ARare
Funky ShroomDDon’t eat itN/AN/ARare
Shiny RockDBeautiful and glistening“In for a Daybloom”/Stone GolemN/ARare
Oak LogDRemnants of a great tree (good for fire)Trees/Big GoblinN/ARare
Potion FlaskDPerfect for alchemyRugged enemies/scarab chestsAlchemyRare
Horse MilkDMilk from a horseHorsesN/ARare
Swiftness PotionD#ERROR!CraftingConsumableRare
Pumpkin PieDGrandma’s favorite (+regen, +spd)N/AConsumableRare
Worn BandagesERoyal fabric (worn out)N/AArmorRare
Wise Tree BranchEFilled with wisdomN/AN/ARare
Torn LeatherECloth remains of a dead manN/AArmorRare
Worm ToothEHighly durable toothN/AN/ARare

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I only use S-tier materials?

While S-tier materials are generally the most useful, some lower-tier materials like Pumpkin Piece can also help in specific situations where you need regen and speed!

I’m a Warrior, should I focus on collecting Silver Ingots or Light Studs?

Both are valuable materials, but they offer different benefits. Silver Ingots are great for crafting armour that provides strong defence, while Light Studs can be used to upgrade weapons with magical properties.

How often is this Shadovia tier list updated?

What’s hot today might be yesterday’s stale bread tomorrow. So if there is a major shift in the meta we’ll be updating this tier list.

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