Roblox Shadovia: Best Mage Build Guide 2024

Tired of choosing between magic or melee dominance? Look no further! This Shadovia best build guide gives you the hybrid Mage build.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill magic-focused build, we’re going to take a look into a hybrid setup that bundles both insane magic damage and intense melee capabilities.

So, let us dive right into it!

Shadovia Best Build Guide: Mage Weapon Choices

At the heart of this build lies the Irridance, a weapon unlike any other. It has +390 Melee Power and the Spectral Path ability which creates a trail of terrain, harming enemies. You will also gain greatly increased speed on the terrain.

Of course, we can’t overlook the Wicked Dagger, a solid option that deals around 300 damage per hit. It’s great for speed and melee builds, but its backstab mechanic makes it less suitable for boss fights.

The Steel Katana is another contender in the melee weapon lineup, standing tall as the best melee weapon in the game. It has a five-star maximum level and can deal 1000 damage per hit.

Mage Build Breakdown

To complement the versatility of Irridance, we’ll need supplies that boost both magic and melee abilities. Here’s what you need to buy:

  • Alchemist’s Cap: This powerful headgear, obtained through an alchemist quest, boosts both magic and melee damage by +45%. It also allows you to craft potions at a blacksmith.
  • Wanwood Robes: Completing the princess’s quest line rewards you with these exceptional robes. These robes increase your magic damage by +55% and give you +50% healing power.
  • Arm Bracer: It increases defence and Armor Pierce by +5, keeping you alive while shredding through enemies. It can stab and slow enemies around you.
  • Negative Skeleton Mask: Found in graveyards, this mask sacrifices -20% defence for a massive +20% attack power boost, perfect for both magic and melee attacks of Irridance.
  • Panic Ring: Slaying Anubis (Sloth’s quest, desert area) earns you this ring, which stuns enemies, giving you precious breathing room in battles. It gives a +5% damage boost and +0.65 health regen.
  • Medal of Courage: Essential for any build, this ring provides a +25% health boost and -25% stun time resistance, negating the defensive downside of the Negative Skeleton Mask.

The Irridance Mage Build is a powerful blend of magic and melee might, offering versatility and massive damage potential.

It’s not the “absolute best,” but it’s certainly one of the strongest and most enjoyable builds in Shadovia.

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