All star Random Defense: Best character tier list & guide

We’ve got the latest All star Random Defense tier list to share with you today. This one is like super important because it tells you which characters are like mega-powerful and which ones are just fine or not-so-great.

Okay, so, in the S-tier, we have these amazing characters like Steve, Apple, and Edgar. Then, in the A-tier, we’ve got characters like Lucy, Erica, and Stella. They’re still pretty good, but not as mega powerful as the S-tier ones.

And lastly, in the B-tier, we’ve got characters like Melanie, Cage, and Ray. They’re average, but you might want to think twice before picking them for your team. They’re still strong, but not the absolute best.

Now, let’s deep dive into this best characters in All star Random Defense tier list together:

All star Random Defense Tier List

Remember: This character tier list is just a rough guide, and the best characters for you will depend on your rank.

SSteveLegendaryPhysicsInflicts extra damage and knocks back monsters.
SAppleLegendaryBuffIncreases attack speed of surrounding characters.
SEdgarLegendaryPhysicsHas a chance to instantly kill monsters.
SUnaLegendaryPhysicsAttacks with a sword that deals damage based on remaining HP.
SBennyLegendaryImproveIncreases own stats in stages.
SRogerLegendaryPhysicsThrows grenades that create blazing areas.
SBellaLegendaryMagicalTransforms other characters into herself.
SRumiLegendaryMagicalDecreases speed of all monsters.
SDahliaLegendaryMagicalCreates sand dunes that slow monsters.
SRoyLegendaryImproveIncreases attack based on similar characters.
SAnnieLegendaryMagicalSummons a death spirit and gives extra SP in co-op.
ALucyLegendaryBuffIncreases instant kill chance and attack damage for surrounding characters.
AEricaLegendaryMagicalSummons an extra character upon merge.
AGreenLegendaryMagicalCan be merged with any character of the same grade and increase its grade.
ALiamLegendaryImproveIncreases attack based on total grade of identical characters.
AScarletLegendaryMagicalCauses action-blocking state at opponent’s field upon merge.
AStellaLegendaryMagicalCan transform into a random character of +1 grade.
AIkaLegendaryPhysicsIncreases attack and enters Supernova state with range damage.
BMelanieHeroicMagicalHas a chance to instantly kill monsters (except boss).
BCageHeroicPhysicsHas a chance to create SP during attack.
BRayHeroicMagicalSummons an attacking laser drone every 5th attack.
BMarciaHeroicMagicalAttacks multiple monsters with high-voltage bullets.
BNanaHeroicMagicalCan be merged with any character of the same grade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are S-tier characters good for beginners?

This tier list is created in such a way that it will help beginners know which characters are really strong. For starters, you might want to try characters like Steve and Apple from the S-tier. They’re easy to use and very powerful!

What are character cards?

Character cards are the permanent units in All star Random Defense which you place on the battlefield. They have different rarities (Legendary, Heroic) and types (Physics, Magical, Buff, Improve).

Is Nana really that bad?

While Nana may not be the most powerful character, her ability to be merged with any character of the same grade can still be useful for a new player.

And that’s our full All star Random Defense tier list for June 2024. If you’re looking for some other recommendations, you should give our collection of tier list below a quick look.