Auto Battles Online Tier List: Best hero guide (2024)

On the hunt for the updated Auto Battles Online tier list to match the current meta? Well, you’ve landed in just the spot!

I’ve been grinding away at this game for more than a month now, so I reckon I’ve got the knack of it. Here in this guide, I’m all set to spill the beans on the best heroes in the game.

So, without ado, let’s get started!

Auto Battles Online Idle RPG tier list — Key Ranking Factors

Here are some factors that I considered when creating the Auto Battles Online Idle RPG tier list:

  • Base stats: This includes the hero’s health, attack, defense, and speed. Heroes with higher base stats will generally be stronger than heroes with lower base stats.
  • Abilities: Each hero has a unique set of abilities that can be used in battle. Some abilities are more powerful than others, and some are more versatile. Heroes with powerful and versatile abilities will generally be ranked higher than heroes with weak or niche abilities.
  • Synergies: Some heroes work better together than others. For example, a hero that can buff the attack of other heroes will be more valuable if paired with a hero that has high attack damage. Heroes with good synergies will generally be ranked higher than heroes that don’t synergize well with others.

Auto Battles Online tier list — Best hero guide

I recommend using this Auto Battles Online tier list as a starting point, the best way to find the best heroes for you is to try them out and see how they perform.

Auto Battles Online Idle RPG tier list
By Clashiverse

Auto Battles Online Idle RPG Hero Tier List: Updated for May 2024 meta!

SS tier

  • Hercules (Warrior)
  • King Arthur (Warrior)
  • Aphrodite (Mage)
  • Guan Yu (Warrior)
  • Artemis (Archer)
  • Zeus (Mage)
  • Helsing (Archer)
  • Leonidas (Warrior)
  • NosFeratu (Mage)
  • Robin Hood (Archer)

S tier

  • Atlas (Warrior)
  • The Hatter (Mage)
  • Fenrir (Warrior)
  • Boreas (Mage)
  • Ronin (Warrior)
  • Forest Maiden (Archer)
  • Amaterasu (Mage)
  • Heimdall (Warrior)
  • Santa (Mage)
  • Friendly Witch (Mage)
  • Beowulf (Warrior)

A tier

  • Ranger (Archer)
  • Ralf (Mage)
  • Ragenald (Warrior)
  • Quinn (Archer)
  • Viden (Mage)
  • Rhanes (Warrior)
  • Berserker (Warrior)
  • Cultist (Mage)
  • Outlaw (Warrior)
  • Deadeye (Archer)
  • Mercenary (Warrior)

B tier

  • Tybalt (Mage)
  • HumFrye (Archer)
  • Richie (Mage)
  • Yvonus (Archer)
  • Emerick (Warrior)
  • Gervassius (Mage)
  • Alderman (Archer)

C tier

  • Ferrand (Mage)
  • Caloman (Warrior)
  • Bryant (Archer)
  • Euris (Warrior)
  • Aerich (Archer)
  • Althalos (Warrior)

So, that’s my tier list for the best heroes in Auto Battles Online Idle RPG game. If you’re not sure where to start, I suggest focusing on the heroes ranked within the SS tier and S tier. These typically have the most outstanding choices of heroes.

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