Danmachi Battle Chronicle Adventurer tier list (2023)

DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE is a mobile RPG brought to us by Aiming Inc., inspired by the beloved anime series, “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”

In this game, you’ll encounter a huge cast of characters from the series, each with something special to bring to the table. Your goal? Make a crack team of adventurers, ready to take on monsters in various dungeons.

Picking the right mix of adventurers is absolutely crucial if you’re aiming to thrive in this game. Optimal adventurers are those that complement each other’s strengths and cover each other’s weaknesses adeptly.

Think about it this way: you’d be wise to include a robust tank, absorbing damage, a skilled healer to ensure your heroes remain alive, and a top-notch DPS unit for doling out some serious hurt.

This DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE tier list lays out the best adventurers currently making waves in the global meta. I’ve sorted these adventurers into five different tiers: S, A, B, C, and D.

The S tier is where you’ll find the most powerful adventurers, while the D tier has those less exceptional adventurers.

Furthermore, I’ll be discussing various roles that adventurers can fulfill within a team setup. It’s worth noting that some adventurers are primed for DPS domination, while others shine in tanking or healing roles.

Lastly, I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on the meta, ready to adjust the tier list when necessary. The meta, for those unfamiliar, is the ever-evolving current state of the game.

It can shift at the drop of a hat with the introduction of new adventurers or changes to existing ones, buffing or nerfing their abilities.

My sincere hope is that this DanMachi BATTLE CHRONICLE adventurer tier list will serve as your compass in selecting the most suitable adventurers for your team’s success.

Danmachi Battle Chronicle Adventurers
By Clashiverse

Danmachi Battle Chronicle Adventurer tier list

So, I’ve put together this Danmachi Battle Chronicle adventurer tier list by taking a few things into account:

  • First off, I dove into the stats and abilities of the adventurer. I had a look at their basic stats and what they bring to the table in terms of skills and abilities. I thought about how these aspects would come into play in various scenarios.
  • Another thing I weighed in was the roles that they can fulfil. You know, some are better suited to dishing out damage from the front, while others are more about taking hits or patching up wounds.
  • Got to keep tabs on the current meta too. I factored in what’s hot right now in the game and which adventurers are being hailed as the cream of the crop.

Of course, I didn’t ignore my own experience. I’ve been grinding since the game kicked off, so I’ve got a handle on these adventurers. My own personal opinions and experience guided me in making some calls for this tier list.

Moreover, I didn’t go solo on this. I also checked out other tier lists and gathered opinions before finalizing mine. It’s good to get a variety of perspectives since there’s no single definitive tier list out there.

Remember, the best way to find your dream adventurer is by giving them a try and seeing what works with your own style.

S tier

  • Bell – A powerful DPS unit with crowd control abilities. Normal attack and techniques are fast with high damage and can temporarily stun regular mobs.
  • Lefiya – A ranged DPS unit with solid range and attack speed. Normal and technique 1 are long range attacks. Buff and debuff can raise the level of firepower.
  • Ryuu – A speed unit with fast skill rotation technique 2 vastly increases damage output and speed.

A tier

  • Cassandra – Great healer with powerful offensive abilities, magic buff, and vitality debuff.
  • Gareth – A tank unit with high defense and survivability. Two types of shield-granting effects.
  • Tione – A tank unit with powerful support abilities. Have shield, bind and vitality debuff.
  • Riveria – A ranged DPS and healer. Healing scales with INT. Defensive buffs and debuffs.

B tier

  • Mikoto – A speed unit with powerful debuffing abilities. Special Moves reduce movement speed and vitality debuff.
  • Bete – Attacks are fast and skills rotate quickly
  • Tiona – Great AOE damage dealer.

C tier

  • Aisha – A powerful DPS unit with high damage output, but slow movement speed. Very high damage special move but need a proper position.
  • Finn – A balanced unit with good damage output and survivability. Special move with high instantaneous firepower.
  • Aiz Wallenstein – A powerful DPS unit with high damage output, but low survivability
  • Welf – A balanced unit with good damage output and support abilities.

D tier

  • Shakti – A balanced unit with average damage move and battle survivability.
  • Naaza – A support unit with weak healing skills and buffing abilities.

If you’re just starting out, I’d suggest giving Belle a go. She is a very adaptable character, suitable for all sorts of situations. She is a strong, reliable DPS with a high damage rate.

On top of that, she has powerful crowd control moves that are good for stirring things up in PvP battles. I’ve discovered her to be to quite beginner friendly, making her a top pick for newcomers.

I hope this Danmachi Battle Chronicle tier list was helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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