Captain Tsubasa Ace Tier List June 2024: Best GK, DF, MF, FW Players

Looking for an updated Captain Tsubasa Ace tier list for June 2024 meta? You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve been grinding away at Captain Tsubasa Ace, and I’ve finally come up with my own tier list for the best players in each position of the game. Now, I know everyone has their own opinions, so don’t come at me if your favourite player isn’t on the list.

But I’ve tried to be as objective as possible, and I think this Captain Tsubasa Ace tier list is a pretty good representation of the current June 2024 meta.

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Captain Tsubasa Ace Tier List: Best Goalkeeper Guide

Genzo WakabayashiSAmazing against shots outside the penalty area. Very good at header and bicycle kicks due to Glorious Hold skill.
Ken WakashimazuAIncreases stamina with every save. Guaranteed to save a shot if his stats were higher than his opponent’s stats.
Ryo IshizakiBHas a unique Face Block skill that involves stopping powerful shots with his face.

Captain Tsubasa Ace Tier List: Best Defender Guide

Kojiro HyugaSHas immense physical strength and stamina. But is hot-headed and prone to outbursts. Famous for his Tiger Shot.
Jun MisugiAFamous for his technical skills and dribbling. Good passing and playmaking abilities
Wakabayashi MangetsuBAlways alert to danger and can quickly intercept passes or tackle opponents.

Captain Tsubasa Ace Tier List: Best Midfielder Guide

JitoSGood at tackling and blocking. His tackle attribute increases for a short period with each tackle. A successful tackle drains an amount of stamina from the opponent.
IshizakiADue to his Fight or Lose skill his max stamina gets increased. If fails to tackle the opponent his movement speed increases for a short while.
SodaBDecent passer due to his hotline which boosts the shot attribute of the receiver. Will take an amount of stamina from an opponent using the Blade Charge skill.

Captain Tsubasa Ace Tier List: Best Forward Guide

TsubasaSBest in shooting, dribbling, and passing. His Undead Wing skill increases his dribble and technique attributes. Can make 3 consecutive breakthroughs with his South American dribble skill.
MisugiAVery good at shooting, dribbling, and intercepting. Due to his Indomitable Heart skill he can dribble a lot.
MatsuAVery good at dribbling, tackling, and passing. Due to his Avalanche Short Pass skill, after making a pass he adds Avalanche Echo Buff to the team.
MisakiBDue to his Graceful Rhythm skill, auto-dribble might trigger when facing an opponent slide tackle or normal tackle.
IzawaCOkay-ish in tackling and passing. With his Aerial Sentinel skill he successfully wins aerial balls and his stamina recovery will boost for a short while.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s the best goalkeeper?

Genzo Wakabayashi is without a doubt the best goalkeeper. He has incredible stats against shots from outside the penalty box, and his Glorious Hold skill makes him a threat on set pieces.

Who’s the best defender?

Kojiro Hyuga is an unstoppable defender. He has tremendous physical strength and stamina, and his Tiger Shot is one of the game’s most powerful shots.

Who’s the best midfielder?

Jito is a strong all-around midfield player with tremendously great blocking and tackling skills.

Who’s the best forward?

Without a doubt, Tsubasa Ozora is the best player in the game. His Undead Wing and South American Dribble skills make him unstoppable.

That concludes our list of Captain Tsubasa Ace tierlist for June 2024 meta. For free in-game rewards redeem the CAPTAIN TSUBASA ACE codes list.