Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Tier List: Best Hero Guide

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising has shaken up the competitive scene with new characters, buffs, and nerfs. Our tier list has everything you need, regardless of your experience level.

In the newly released Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising game by Cygames, Inc., the vibrant world of Granblue comes alive once more, this time with a revamped combat system and an influx of new faces.

But with such a wide roster, it can be difficult to decide which character is best for moving up the competitive ladder.

Not to worry, our latest Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising character tier list is meant to serve as a guide for you, helping you find the perfect champion so you can conquer the skies.

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Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising tier list for 2024 global meta

FerrySuper StrongStrong zoning character, meter gain, and unblockable setups, Her okizeme is best due to Geegee, Can set up powerful hit/throw mixups.
KatalinaSuper StrongHas long pokes and strong midrange whiff punishes, Possesses a tool for every situation.
MeteraSuper StrongStrong pressure tools and a unique meter mechanic, A projectile zoner that controls space with multiple arrows.
LancelotSuper StrongOffence monster who applies never-ending pressure, Good mobility and strong mix-up potential, Lacks a meterless reversal.
PercivalSuper StrongStrong zoning and pressure tools, Huge damage and range, Stocking self-buffs, Revolves around finding ways to channel Träumerei
CagliostroSuper StrongAn ideal set play character with strong mix-up potential, Uses projectile-nullifying rock ball, teleport ability and other special moves.
BelialSuper StrongMaster of whiff punishment and offensive pressure, Strong projectile game for neutral and for block strings.
ZetaStrongSolid character with good buttons and a strong reversal.
CharlottaStrongNew character with a lot of potential, but still being explored by players.
VaseragaStrongVersatile character with good zoning and pressure tools.
EustaceStrongStrong character with good zoning and pressure tools.
ViraStrongStrong character with good damage output and a command grab, but difficult to play.
SixStrongStrong character with good zoning and pressure tools, but difficult to play.
SiegfriedStrongStrong character with good zoning and pressure tools, but difficult to play.
LadivaLackingGrappler, but struggles against characters with good zoning and reversals.
ZoeLackingStrong zoning and pressure tools, but difficult to master.
LowainLackingStrong zoning and pressure tools, Can summon allies to attack for him.
NarmayaLackingPoor on block, but at all ranges, leads to an automatic combo.
DjeetaLackingWell-rounded Shoto with strong midrange pokes, Streamlined combo game will less creativity.
SorizLackingIncreases defence during Muscle Fury and Macho Ultimatum, For up-close pressure only.
YuelLackingLimited offensive options.
GranUnoA very mediocre character with limited redeeming qualities.
Cagliostro (Halloween)UnoA very weak character with few redeeming qualities.
Ladiva (Summer)UnoVery weak character with few redeeming qualities.
UnoUnoThe weakest character in the game.

In total, there are over 28 different characters in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. We’ve listed all of them with their tier rank and details in the table above.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Ferry the best character in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising?

Yes, indeed! Ferry has a powerful setup that can result in unblockable attacks, high meter gain, and great zoning abilities.

She can dictate the tempo of the match and exert pressure on her opponent through her mobility and defensive options. Pick Ferry if you want to dominate in the EVO tournaments 😉

What is the difference between “Super Strong” and “Strong”?

Characters in the “Super Strong” tier are generally considered top-tier picks with few weaknesses. And characters in the “Strong” tier are still very strong and capable of competing at a high level. But, they may have some specific weaknesses compared to the top tiers.

Can I still win with a “Lacking” or “Uno” character?

Of course! This tier list is designed primarily for high-level play and competitive settings. With enough skill, you can get past boundaries and succeed with any character.

What is Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising?

Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising (GBVSR) is the sequel to the popular fighting game Granblue Fantasy Versus (GBVS). It brings back beloved characters, introduces exciting newcomers, and expands the gameplay with new mechanics and modes.

How many characters are there in the game?

GBVSR launched with a total of 27 characters, including returning favourites like Katalina and Zeta, as well as exciting newcomers like Charlotta and Vaseraga.

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