Caribbean Legend: Quest Guide [Side Quests & More] (2024)

Here is a quick guide on how to start certain quests, in case you get stuck in the new Caribbean Legend game.

Helen (side quests)

  1. Once you save her and bring her to Blueweld, she tells you to visit her. This initiates the 1st stage of the quest.
  2. Name the mother (if you want, because this will prevent Mary from joining you).
  3. Whenever you get the chance, enter Sharptown it will initiate the 2nd part.
  4. After you talk with the lawyer, exit, and she will talk to you, and you should do what she tells you to do 1st, and later continue with the story.
  5. After she joins you there are many interactions that she will make, depending on when and where you land, this I won’t reveal.

Hercule (side quest)

  1. If Hercule is in your crew and once you start the Quest Turtle soup, and enter Tortuga no matter what you say you will get arrested, don’t worry about it, this just initiates the quest Deadman.
  2. Just finish the Turtle soup and then sail away, you will get attacked so prepare your boarders and make sure to have a Scorpion or antidotes because you will get boarded and will have to fight a lot of enemies.
  3. Once the talks are done head South to Los Teques, you don’t need a Spanish flag just enter the mines but be prepared for a similar fight except this time with Hercule. After you are done search the mine, there will be a logbook in the only place where you can find a chest, if you can’t find it don’t worry about it, it just gives you a lead for a really small treasure (horseman axe, shotgun revolver and some doubloons). Once you exit there will be a Spanish patrol waiting, if you want a massive bounty spare them, if not just kill them all. After this, it’s all just a moral choice.
  4. If you decide to listen to the prisoner get a license (or don’t) and head to Caracas, this is where the story ends, just remember to loot the main guy.

Shark (side quest)

  1. Once you have the ship “Fortune” — a fast frigate, and once you have done the special quest with master Alexus (building of frigate), head North to Isla del Tosoro and speak with Shark, he will offer you a deal which you absolutely shouldn’t refuse.
  2. After a month, return to him with only Fortune in your squadron, and make sure that you are armed to the teeth.
  3. Head to Willemstad, and buy a license for 180 days from the company. Now I am not sure if it’s random, but you should always read the lines and quest logs, anyway, I got Caracas so head there, make some space in your hold and speak with store owner, don’t trade just speak through the dialogue. Then head to the post office and speak with that guy, he will send you to Portobello.
  4. Once you are in Portobello speak with the guy in the port office, once you are done speak with him again and bug him about the payment, ask for more it will force him to leave so that you could steal the information which you desperately need. Now, if you want to sell the goods.
  5. Once you have it head back to Caracas, and after you are done with the talks head to Curaçao and then sail to the best heavy frigate in the game, speak with Shark (on his ship) and go to the indicated coordinates on the said day and just capture the ships, they carry the best loot that you will ever find with so little effort.

Special thanks to Black-and-White Animal for helping us write this Caribbean Legend quest guide.