Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant Tier List 2024 (Best Cases & Team Comps)

Is your team comp in Scarlet Covenant a ragtag bunch of misfits? Tired of watching your team crumble in front of powerful bosses? Our Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant tier list for June 2024 will help you choose a best team.

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a moment to analyze your situation. What are your goals? Do you want massive AoE damage, create a more controlled team, or want to put sustained pressure that grinds your enemies into dust?

Now comes the fun part: choosing your team! Based on your goals, you’ll need to recruit Cases (characters) in Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant that complement each other’s strengths and cover any weaknesses.

Change logs:

  • Added new SSR hero called Gryph in the S tier on 10th Jan 2024

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Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant tier list for best characters in June 2024

It’s a good idea to check out the details before you make any decisions on which characters to pick. To make it easy for you to understand, we’ve thrown all the details into a list below.


  • Gryph: Uses all her magic to attack, dealing DMG of 349% ATK to a row of enemies.
  • Hela: AoE damage queen with insane burst potential.
  • Audrey: Top-tier support with shields, buffs, and healing.
  • Pan Pan: Essential support with damage reduction and buffs.
  • Lilith: Powerful single-target DPS with a high crit rate.
  • Cera: Debuffers and controllers enemy teams easily.


  • Vivi: AoE crowd control specialist with high survivability.
  • Yulia: Strong single-target DPS with self-sustain.
  • Brown: Versatile support with heals, shields, and damage reduction.
  • Set: Great tank with high defence and taunt abilities.
  • Guinevere: Powerful AoE DPS with unique attack mechanics.

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  • Garula: Solid DPS with good damage and self-sustain.
  • Wadjet: Debuffers and weakens enemies with her attacks.
  • Kimono: Support with single-target heals and buffs.
  • Regina: Powerful single-target DPS with high attack power.


  • Sova: Niche support with buffs and debuffs.
  • Nanook: Situational tank with a strong defence against specific elements.
  • Eriri: Single-target DPS with decent damage output.
  • Xen: Debuffer who can reduce enemy attack power.


  • Luca: Low damage output and limited utility.
  • Niko: Support with weak heals and buffs.
  • Anina: Debuffer with minimal impact on the battlefield.

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Best Team Comp

Divided into their tiers, here’s what we think is the best team comp in the Echocalypse Scarlet Covenant game:

Burst Team

  • Hela (S-Tier)
  • Audrey (S-Tier)
  • Fenriru (S-Tier)
  • Yulia (A-Tier)
  • Pan Pan (S-Tier)

This team focuses on destroying enemies fast and dealing maximum burst damage. Massive AOE damage is done by Hela and Fenriru, and single-target DPS is done by Yulia. The team gets help from Audrey and Pan Pan with healing, buffs, and shields.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Echocalypse: Scarlet Covenant?

It is a brand-new post-apocalyptic sci-fi mobile strategy RPG where you lead humanity’s last hope, the Kemono Girl Cases, on adventures.

What is this tier list based on?

This tier list is based on several factors, including base stats, skills, and synergy with other Cases. It also weighs community consensus and player feedback.

Which Cases/Characters should I prioritize if I’m a new player?

If you’re a new player, it’s a good idea to focus on acquiring Cases that are easy to obtain and have well-rounded abilities. Some good options include the Main Characters, Deena, Levia, Zawa, and Niz.

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on the Cases/Characters you should have by your side, you’re all set to fix up civilization and bring some order back to the world.

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