Last War Survival Game Tier List July 2024: Best Hero Guide

The dust has settled, another Last War update dropped, and it’s time to revisit our hero roster and see who’s still king of the zombie apocalypse!

We’ve been deeply engaged in wave clears, shelter upgrades, and resource raids to bring you this new Last War Survival Game tier list, ranked by pure zombie-slaying potential and strategic value.

For a newbie, this hero tier list will act as a roadmap to building a squad that’ll easily clear zombie waves and help top that leaderboard.

So, let’s get started!

Last War Survival Game: Best Hero Tier List

We’ve arranged all the heroes in a table below from S-Tier to B-Tier and also added key details like Role, Faction, and Hero Information.

SKimberlyAttackTankHighest attack stat, heals herself, deals damage to multiple enemies.
SMurphyTankTankHigh damage reduction, boosts HP, Attack, and Defense for front-row units.
SMarshallTankTankIncreases attack and critical rate for team, pairs well with high-damage heroes.
SVenomSupportTankRanged attacks, reduces enemy defense, great for targeting front-row enemies.
SRichardAttackMissile VehicleEffective multi-target skills, lacks HP and defense, needs strong tank support.
SElsaAttackTankTanky ranged attacker, provides damage reduction for self and team, slows down targets.
AFarhadAttackFighterDeals high damage, stuns enemies, vulnerable to ranged attacks.
AMonicaAttackShooterHeals allies, provides attack buffs, depends on strong DPS heroes.
AVioletAttackSniperHigh single-target damage, requires good positioning and protection.
AMasonSupportDoctorRepairs and upgrades buildings, buffs vehicle damage, needs strong team support.
AMaxwellSupportEngineerDeals high AoE damage, vulnerable to close-range attacks.
ABlazAttackFighterHigh single-target damage, stuns enemies, requires good timing and positioning.
ACageAttackFighterTaunts enemies, draws aggro, needs strong DPS heroes to finish off targets.
BSarahAttackShooterweaker heals than Monica, situational use.
BKaneAttackFighterLower damage than Farhad, similar playstyle.
BGumpTankTankweaker buffs than Mason, situational use.
BAmbertSupportDoctorLower damage than Maxwell, similar playstyle.
BLokiSupportEngineerLower damage than Violet, similar playstyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this tier list for beginners or experienced players?

This Last War tier list is for both! Beginners can use it as a starting point to build a strong core team, while pro players can see if their favourites made the cut and find hidden gems they might have overlooked.

Why is Kimberly ranked so high in this tier list?

Her combination of high damage, self-healing, and tankiness makes her incredibly powerful and survivable.

She’s a one-woman army against the zombie hordes and our top contender for best hero in Last War Survival Game.

Who should I avoid using from this Last War hero tier list?

While no hero is completely useless, the B-tier heroes generally require specific strategies or strong teammates.

Sarah and Gump offer weaker support compared to Monica and Mason, while Ambert and Loki fall short on damage compared to their A-tier counterparts.

I’m struggling with the higher-level waves. Any tips?

Synergy is key in those situations! Pair your heroes strategically to maximize their strengths.

For example, a combo of Kimberly’s DPS with Marshall’s attack buffs can turn your squad into a zombie-slaying machine.

I love blasting things to bits! Who are the best DPS heroes?

S-Tier heroes like Richard and Elsa are your damage-dealing demons. Richard shreds multiple enemies at once, while Elsa slows them down and deals damage.

A-Tier options like Farhad and Violet are also excellent choices, but they require some careful positioning and protection.

This tier list doesn’t mention some heroes! What about them?

We focused on the most popular and impactful heroes for brevity. If you have a favourite not listed, feel free to ask about their placement in the comments.

Remember, this is just my two cents! Every survivor squad is different, so experiment, find what works for you, and let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Who are your MVPs? Who needs a serious buff (looking at you, Ambert)?

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