Heir of Light Eclipse Tier List May 2024: Best characters guide!

Heir of Light Eclipse is an awesome new mobile game globally released by Com2uS Holdings Corporation for mobile devices. Seriously, my first impression was mind-blowing. The anime-style characters and goddesses are just stunning.

In this game, you get to summon your very own heroic warriors and mystical mages who will help you shape the destiny of the Little Crimson Tree and the whole world.

So, while I was checking out the official Heir of Light Eclipse Discord server, I noticed loads of players were struggling and asking for information about the character’s potential and strength, trying to pick the best ones for their team.

I’ve been playing the game since its first global beta release, and I’ve gone and put together a Heir of Light Eclipse tier list of best characters in the global meta, based on what I’ve seen. It’s chock-full of valuable details, so anyone can build some proper strong teams.

Give it a go, and let’s crack on in this game together!

best character suggestions in Heir of Light Eclipse
By Com2uS Holdings Corporation

Heir of Light Eclipse tier list: Our best character suggestions

Remember that this isn’t some sort of gospel truth. It is just my character analysis and observations after having played the game for a while. Everyone’s got different tastes and if your favorite hero isn’t high up on the list, don’t worry! It’s all about finding your best options.

Tier S characters

Tier S characters in Heir of Light Eclipse are top-notch and unstoppable. If you want to dominate the game, you better get your hands on one of these Tier S characters.


She is the one who’s got the knack for cloning herself on the battlefield. Her clones are no weaklings and they deal massive damage, taking down all the enemies with absolute force.

Nuu will have your opponent moving like snails, slicing their SPD by 100 for a full 6 seconds. Also, she’s immune to CC and dodges attacks like a blinking ghost for 5 whole seconds.


Ophelia is a real gem in the game. Now, her healing might not be as mighty as Miya’s, but when it comes to supporting her, she’s a top-notch character.

She might be a bit tough to build early on, but, if you do it right, she’s got a high upside! She can also Petrify runes with speed. That’s the magic combo to make her shine like a diamond in the rough.


Heylel is like a bit of everything. In PvP, she’s got a 45% ATK passive for the team, but her skills work better in dungeons. She’s also great at removing buffs and healing.

Now, in dungeons, she will act as the main healer for most teams. The cool thing is, her healing power scales with her ATK, so she’s like a mix of damage dealer and healer.

She also has got a unique passive ability that can heal tanks, giving them a solid shield. Her heal scales with her HP at 60%, which is pretty solid too.

In addition, if all three of your master’s marks match with her servants, her passive kicks in and boosts her ATK by 60%. That’s a massive damage boost with some crowd control on top!


Lucien has got it all – an ATK 5 buff and DEF 5 debuff. Her combo skill gives SPD 5 to the whole team, and her team passive boosts ATK by 35%. She’s also got DoT 5, HoT all 5, and target debuff.

Her combo has speed all 5, and her passive adds 25% SPD to the team. But, that passive skill needs a healer in the squad. Although her team passive is a bit weaker than the fire version, don’t disregard her if you got a solid one from someone else.

She can also remove all enemy buffs, heal and revive the entire team, and her combo has speed all 5. Furthermore, her dark element makes her an excellent DPS, just as good as the fire version.

Tier A characters

Characters in Tier A have significant attack or speed bonuses. But, they might have a couple of downsides too. Some might require specific team compositions to fully shine.


Rem is the best tank with excellent enemy buff management. Her passive makes her super durable, and her team passive provides a strong 45% defence boost in Dungeons.

Now, the Fire Rem version is similar but her passive only helps healers, not herself. Although her team passive can give a nice 32% speed boost.

As for Dark Rem, she’s not as impressive as the others. Still, having a Nat 5 tank in the dark element isn’t too shabby, especially with her great team passive.


Leto is a competent DPS who works well with vampyre runes. Her 45% ATK team passive is good for dungeons, but in other modes, you’ll need to find alternatives. She’s a supporting character based on speed, excelling in dungeons but struggling in shorter fights like PvP.

There’s also a crit version of Fire Leto, which has a 45% DEF team passive instead. She has high damage potential, but – her passive relies on a speed debuff, which she doesn’t have, making it challenging to fully utilize.

Lastly, there’s another version, light Leto, with a slightly different passive, but it’s practically the same as the previous one.


Carmilla is a bit of an unusual character. She’s tanky, but the problem is she doesn’t have any abilities to attract enemies, so her tankiness isn’t as useful. Her attack power is just a bit higher than most healers, which is just good enough for a damage dealer.

On the bright side, she’s the only tank in the game with Leech, which means she can absorb health from enemies she attacks. Also, she has got Escort skill that protects your ally with the least health from all damage for a whole minute.

Now, in PvP battles, her ability to ignore DEF is brilliant, but in dungeons where DEF debuffs are strong, it’s not as effective.


He is a speedy and powerful character with a massive 52% Fire passive ATK boost. His skills are strong, but his passive is a bit weak, only activating with active skills. Still, it’s handy as it can stack DEF debuff with each attack.

One version of Xita has a Half Moon Slash that buffs ATK for all 3 team members, but it might not go well with other DPS heroes with their own ATK buffs.

Another version of Xita has an impressive Half Moon Slash that boosts SPD for the whole team, making him stand out from his other versions. Plus, his passive can stack Crit with any attack, making him even more powerful.

There’s also a forest version of Xita, slightly better than the others, but with a significant downside. He can guarantee his combo skill will penetrate, but it costs him 20% of his HP.


He is no one-trick pony limited to soaking up damage as a tank alone. He’s a versatile character, capable of switching weapons to become a ranged attacker, dishing massive damage while defending your team.

What truly sets him apart is his passive skill as it allows him to regenerate 4% of his HP every second.

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Tier B characters

Tier B characters are playable, although they are not as powerful or versatile as Tier A or S characters.


He is the Dominator on the battlefield and the most preferred DPS by beginners. His passive gives him a 30% chance to ignore harmful debuffs.

With his monstrous strength (STR) and physical attack power (P. ATK), he’s a Warrior who will help you get quick wins against lower-level enemies.


Koume is a respectable damage dealer with fire damage over time. Her combo does extra damage based on attack. She benefits from her passive that can apply fear.

Among Nat 4 heroes, water Koume is one of the best DPS. Forest Koume is good at boosting defence and removing enemy buffs but lacks healing and crowd control. Light Koume’s speed buff doesn’t fully capitalize on her abilities. She’s most useful against healing enemies.

Her passive helps the whole team deal more damage. Dark Koume is average compared to others due to her element.


Hopkins is a decent DPS with high base stats. He comes with ATK and Crit buffs, making him useful in battles. His team’s passive ability is handy in PvP.

However, there are some drawbacks. His skills don’t work together, lacking synergy. His combo scales with ATK, but he only has a Crit buff. Also, his passive ability activates after he uses his combo, which isn’t ideal.

On the bright side, his 37% ATK Forest passive skill is his best feature. Interestingly, he’s quite similar to light Koume, with weak passive and mainly providing damage and buff muting.


A versatile healer who can buff DEF and revive allies. Her healing might not be the strongest, but she can occasionally cleanse debuffs from her tank.

She’s competent and gets the job done, but she’s not the best tank out there. Consider replacing her with a better tank when you can.

Compared to her water sister, Griselda is much better. She has a self-DEF buff when she taunts and a HoT 5 team combo skill. Her passive ability is also helpful, making sure her heals work well when she’s in trouble.

She’s an average support who does a lot of things, but not exceptionally well. However, if you build her with high SPD, the buffs and debuffs she provides can be quite effective.


He is a support character with above-average skills. His damage isn’t outstanding, but he compensates with great support through his combo skill, applying an SPD 5 debuff for 60 seconds.

He brings a team ATK 4 buff and an all-enemy SPD 5 debuff. However, there’s no healing from him, and his first skill is weak. His reliance on skill accuracy holds him back from being rated higher.

Hern’s skill synergy is impressive, and they don’t need specific stats to work well. His 40% heal stands out, making SPD a good focus for building him.

He’s versatile with heals, buffs, debuffs, enemy buff removal, and allied debuff removal. It’s tough to find a character better than him, except for light Leto and Ophelia, which is why he’s not S tier.

Despite relying on skill accuracy, he’s probably the best pure debuffer in the game.


Laura is great for dungeons as she deals damage over time (DoT) based on the enemy’s max HP. The Fire version has DoT on all her skills, while the Water one has weak debuffs and a DoT on her combo skill.

The Wood version has Crit 2 instead of extra DoT, making it slightly less useful. Light and Dark versions deal respective damages but are less effective outside of dungeons.

However, they still serve as solid DPS options. Plus, Laura’s ATK stat is higher than other versions, and she also offers support with ATK 4 debuff and a chance to fear.

Tier C characters

Tier C characters are generally average or mediocre in terms of their performance in various game modes.


Belladonnas is an unusual support unit with a strong ability called Heated Arrow. It grants the team SPD 3 and DEF 3 for a massive 60 seconds. She’s a pretty average DPS, but her abilities deal bonus damage based on SPD.

Though similar to the water version, she lacks an ATK buff, and her DEF buff lasts 60 seconds instead of 30, not a great trade-off.

She is best suited for PvP mode, where stacking SPD gives an early advantage. With high base SPD and quick combo cooldown, she can deal damage quickly.

However, her team buffs are only useful in Dungeons, where ATK builds generally perform better, especially from 7F onwards.


Charlotte is quite similar to Fire Koume, but with lower skill levels and a different team passive. She provides a 37% ATK buff for fire allies, while Koume buffs all allies’ ATK by 25%.

She’s a typical DPS character, but her passive ATK buff overlaps with her second skill. You get a nice 50% chance for ATK 5, but it only lasts 15 seconds before going back to ATK 4.

Her first skill is also a generic DPS move, but it increases the damage received by the target instead of decreasing their DEF. It’s a slightly less common debuff, but her overall strength is on par with Water Charlotte.

When compared to Fire Charlotte, she’s similar, but instead of applying a level 1 Damage over Time effect, she uses a level 1 damage increase debuff.


Enoch has a passive ATK buff that’s kind of redundant, mainly useful for boosting damage. As an average DPS, he can sometimes mute enemy healing, but besides that, nothing extraordinary.

But, he’s the only tank in the game with 3 taunts, and all his skills are quite useful. Being a light tank, he’s super rare, and since there’s no Nat 5 tank, he’s like the king of the hill.

His skills are decent, with a powerful passive that has a 50% chance to lower skill gauge by 25% on active skill use. The combo skills give a solid 100% chance to ignore DEF.

Tier D characters

Characters in Tier D are on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of power and usefulness.


Usher is a tank-type hero who gives a DEF 4 buff to the entire team. His combo gives immunity for 15 seconds, which is somewhat helpful in lower levels. However, his base ATK is terrible, making him more of a support than a true DPS.

He can silence enemies for 15 seconds with his second skill and even has a self-revive. Similar to Water Usher, but instead of DEF penetration, he gains a DoT 1 effect.


Torhino is a hybrid DPS and tank character. He’s not the sturdiest tank, but his self-heal helps compensate for that. DEF doesn’t do much for him, so combo DEF 4 doesn’t have a big impact. However, he has a high HP pool.

As an above-average healer, he brings DEF 4 to his combo skill, and his passive supports your tank’s survival. His first skill, DoT 3, is unlikely to be used, which is a downside.

He acts as a support tank with multiple healing sources, DEF buffs, and immunity. Although HoT 2 is weak, it fits perfectly in Ophelia teams.

Torhino has a mix of support skills on a DPS, which doesn’t pay off well. Decent stats and additional healing are present, but offensive buffs are more sought after in DPS characters.

Best Team in Heir of Light Eclipse for 2024 Meta

  • Main DPS: Nuu – With her powerful self-cloning abilities and massive damage, she will be the primary damage dealer for the team.
  • Defensive Support: Heylel – She has a mix of damage-dealing and healing skills making her a great defensive support, especially in dungeons.
  • Tank: Rem – As a tank with excellent enemy buff management and a strong team defence boost, Rem will provide solid protection for the team.
  • Second DPS: Lucien – With her ATK buff and powerful skills, Lucien will serve as the secondary damage dealer in the team.
  • Offensive Support: Rhamaan – His versatility as a ranged attacker and self-regeneration ability make him an offensive support unit, adding more damage to the team while still having defensive capabilities.

Together, this team combines strong damage output, healing, defence, and versatility, creating a well-balanced and powerful group to conquer the challenges in the Heir of Light Eclipse.

That’s all for today! We hope you liked this new and updated Heir of Light Eclipse tier list. Before you go, check out the latest YBA tier list and Tower of God New World tier list.