Tower of God New World Tier List: Our Best Character Recommendations

It can be difficult for new players to figure out the best characters in Tower of God New World to put up a strong team. It’s difficult to tell which characters are truly at the top of the game when there are so many powerful ones like Bam, Khun, and Rak, each with their own unique talent.

Not to worry, we have compiled the most recent Tower of God New World tier list! This thorough guide is your one-stop resource for organizing a strong team and successfully taking down enemies.

You’ll quickly identify the S-tier characters, and the mighty A-tiers, giving you a head start in creating your dream team. Plus, we’ve highlighted some hidden gems like Evankhell and Data-Zahard that might surprise you with their potential.

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Tower of God New World best characters guide
By netmarble

Tower of God New World Tier List (Characters ranked by tier)

Our Tower of God New World tier list goes beyond randomness, meticulously evaluating all the top character’s skills. We consider their unique abilities, raw strengths, elemental affinities, and team synergies to provide you with the most effective lineup.

SSR+Evan Edroch, Karaka, Evankhell
SSRRak Wraithraiser, Hatz, Baam, Shibisu, Gyetang, Hon Akraptor
SSKhun Aguero Agnes, Endorsi Zahard, Sunwoo Nare
SMiseng, Rozéal

Tower of God New World SSR+ Characters: The Elites

SSR+ characters in Tower of God New World boast incredible abilities and power. These elite characters shine as top-tier assets in any team.

Evan Edroch (Guide Support)

Evan Edroch has got some impressive skills.

First off, there’s Adam’s Glove – At the start of a battle, he slyly conceals the ally with the highest ATK, giving them a boost in Energy and a bit of a cover. And if his own HP starts to take a beating, he goes into hiding, regaining both Energy and HP.

Destructive Urge – He’s got a bit of a wild streak, recovering Energy while dishing out damage to enemies in a straight line. And, of course, he’s not one to be trifled with, knocking them back as he goes.

Hunger – a real treat. He’s quite the helpful character, as he restores Energy and gets rid of all the Debuffs from his allies. The more Debuffs he clears, the more Energy he restores. And not to forget, his allies who had their Debuffs removed also get a bit of a health boost.

Restoration – He can make his allies temporarily immortal! For a set duration, his allies won’t see their HP drop below a certain level, and once the immortality wears off, they get a nice little HP top-up.

Karaka (Scout Tank)

Karaka, the enigmatic warrior with some powerful skills.

First up, we’ve got Infinite Past Lives – When he faces a tough knockdown, he miraculously resurrects with 40% of his Max HP, sending nearby enemies quivering in fear with a blast of 100% ATK DMG.

World of Darkness – He summons six ominous black spheres, just lurking around for 10 seconds, ready to explode on any unsuspecting enemies. 200% ATK DMG smacks them, and they’ll be provoked for a solid 5 seconds.

Steel Tree – In this fancy armor inventory, he’s got Status Effect Immunity and 80% DMG Reduction.

Rain of Darkness – He whips up a Darkness Sphere, giving the enemies a good push and then provoking them for 4 seconds. He’s also immune to status effects while doing this and when it’s all said and done, he showers the enemies with a downpour of 60% ATK DMG, three times over, and sends them flying backward.

Evankhell (Wave Controller Mage)

Evankhell is the powerhouse character in Tower of God New World. She wields Ancient Power to reduce enemy HP healing by 50% for 5 seconds.

When her HP dips below 30%, she uses Ancient Power, dealing 100% ATK DMG to all enemies. Her Rare Orb, Festival of Flames, summons a Fiery Cyclone, drawing enemies in and dealing 100% ATK DMG every second, exploding for 200% ATK DMG at the end.

Death Sentence does a scorching 200% ATK DMG on enemies with the lowest DEF, while healing her by 30% DMG and granting her Status Effect Immunity.

In the midst of chaos, her Quad Rare Orb, Hellfire, burns nearby enemies for 200% ATK DMG per second, escalating to 300% ATK DMG if close to the target.

Tower of God New World SSR Characters: The Reliable Allies

The regular SSR tier shines with impressive characters. While not as powerful as their SSR+ counterparts, these SSR characters have some important abilities.

Rak Wraithraiser (Spear Bearer Tank)

Rak Wraithraiser is the fearless and lovable character in Tower of God New World. He’s a powerful leader, and his Physical Resistance gets even stronger when his allies are close by – a massive 4% increase per ally. And when all his allies are gathered around, that resistance boost skyrockets to 16%.

With his Hide Behind Me, Turtle! skill, he rushes to protect the ally with the lowest HP, delivering a crushing 300% ATK DMG to nearby enemies while giving both him and his ally a 40% boost to Physical and Magic Resistance for 5 seconds.

With Wake Up, Turtle! move he whips out some chocolate bars from his bag and tosses them at his nearby allies, restoring their HP with a 100% ATK DMG boost and beefing up their DEF by 100% for a solid 5 seconds.

His offensive skill Time to Hunt allows him to charge at the enemy with the highest ATK, dealing a smashing 300% ATK DMG within range and knocking them back. And if the target’s HP is below 30%, he cranks it up to 400% ATK DMG.

Hatz (Scout Warrior)

When the battle begins Hatz gives the enemy a sharp eye, boosting his CRIT Chance by 8%. Whenever he lands a critical hit, his Swiftness shoots up by 20 for 5 seconds, and he even regains 6% of his Max HP.

The Demonic Fish Wheel Dance: Single Annihilation skills puts all his strength into both hands, and then he slashes his sword and deals a huge 300% ATK DMG to enemies in a straight line.

His Sword That Flies Higher(Lower) Than Any move uses two swords, one flies up to block enemy basic attacks, while the other one flies down, hitting nearby enemies with a powerful 200% ATK DMG. Also, after this move, his basic attack DMG goes up by 100% for 10 seconds.

White Wave Devil-Tearing Single Slash Annihilation move is all about charging towards the enemy, thrusting a sword to deal 500% ATK DMG to all enemies in a straight line.

25th Baam (Wave Controller Support)

Baam, a prodigy Wave Controller can restore allies’ energy regularly, keeping the team charged up for action. When a ally falls in battle, he strikes nearby enemies and puts a stop to their movement.

As a Wave Controller, he manipulates the Tower’s Shinsu, recharging an ally with the highest ATK and boosting their ATK and DEF until the battle’s end.

With his Reverse Flow Control, he dishes out damage to enemies and leaves them stuck in their tracks.

His ultimate move, Black March Ignition lights up the Black March, he inflicts heavy damage on the enemy with the highest ATK and drains their Energy. Afterward, he gains a power-up for his basic attacks and becomes immune to Status Effects.

Shibisu (Scout Support)

Shibisu boosts ATK for all Yellow element allies right from the get-go by a solid 16%. Shibisu can throw a wicked Shinsu bomb into the enemy crowd, blasting them with 300% ATK DMG and slowing their energy recovery by a smashing 40% for 10 seconds.

His One-Inch Punch – a lightning-fast rush that packs a mighty 400% ATK DMG punch and leaves enemies stunned for a solid 3 seconds.

He’s a savvy tactician too! With his Targeting move, he’ll weaken the Physical and Magic Resistance of the enemy with the lowest HP by 40% for 10 seconds.

In addition, He’ll rally all allies to attack that target, and if it meets its end during the attack, he’ll bounce back with a full Energy recovery of 100%.

Gyetang (Spear Bearer Ranged)

Gyetang is a tough and a skilled hero in the game. His skill called Tolerance brushes off continuous damage debuffs, boosting his Attack SPD by 40 for 6 seconds.

His Feather Strengthening move toughens up his feathers, increasing basic attack damage by 40% and Attack SPD by 20 for 8 seconds.

His deadly Bundle of Feathers attack fires feathers in a fan range ahead, dealing 300% ATK DMG to enemies and reducing their Magic Resistance by 20%. To top it off, he gains immunity to status effects during this skill’s use.

Lastly, his lethal Gyetang Shuriken move hurls shurikens, dealing 400% ATK DMG to all enemies on the route. If he hits three or more enemies with the shurikens, the cooldown for his Feather Strengthening skill resets.

Hon Akraptor (Spear Bearer Ranged)

Hon Akraptor has got some epic Shinsu control. When he attacks, it goes right through the enemies, no stopping it. His Swiftness is tied to his ATK, so the faster he moves, the stronger he hits.

His Umbrella move pops it open and stays put for 5 seconds, but his front defenses shoot up by 40%. Then there’s his Lightning Spear move. He sticks his umbrella up high and absorbs that Lightning Shinsu. His ATK and CRIT RATE shoot up by 12% for 10 seconds.

When there’s a crowd, he shines even more. With the immunity to stiffening, he gathers Shinsu at the tip of his umbrella and fires it straight at the enemies, dealing 100% ATK DMG not once, but six times while knocking the last-hit enemy back.

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Tower of God New World SS Characters: The Skillful Contributors

SS characters bring pretty decent abilities to the table, including AoE damage, healing, critical hits, energy recovery, and status effect manipulation.

Khun Aguero Agnes (Light Bearer Support)

Khun Aguero Agnes is a strategic genius character. His Weapon Boost skill amps up ATK of Purple allies at the start of battle by 16%. His Manbarondena move swallows the enemy with the highest ATK, dealing 100% ATK DMG, sealing them for 4 seconds, and knocking them down for 2 seconds when unsealed (if 2 or more enemies present).

The Quadruple Barrier move summons 4 lighthouses, creating a 5-second Barrier by 400% ATK for the ally with the lowest HP, along with Status Effect Immunity and Energy restoration by 60 per second.

Lastly, the Mystery Sphere move summons a sphere that paralyzes and deals 80% ATK DMG per second to enemies within, reducing their DEF by 40% for 1 second.

Endorsi Zahard (Fisherman Assassin)

Endorsi Zahard, the Reckless Princess is a feisty and powerful character. Her Bong Bong Output skill saves her from fatal blows by teleporting her back to safety, recovering her HP.

With her Compression Needle, she pierces through enemies, making them bleed by dishing 100% ATK DMG 3 times. She shows no mercy with her Reckless Princess skill, flying to the weakest enemy, dealing damage, and knocking them down, leaving them unable to recover Energy.

When she jumps into the air with her Chiffon Sword on Bong Bong, she becomes invincible, dealing massive 200% ATK DMG to nearby enemies.

Sunwoo Nare (Anima Support)

Meet Sunwoo Nare is a remarkable character that restores Energy to the highest ATK ally every time she uses her Soul Mate ability. With Divine Sea Fish for Scout, she identifies enemy weaknesses, reducing their DEF by 24% for 10 seconds.

Snatch move lets her deal 100% ATK DMG four times to the enemy who harmed allies the most, robbing their Energy and blocking them for 2 seconds. In addition, her Divine Sea Fish for Protection grants a protective shield to the ally with the lowest HP, blocking enemy skills three times for 8 seconds.

She also deals 200% ATK DMG to enemies who targeted the protected ally and stuns them for 3 seconds.

Tower of God New World S Characters: The Cut Above The Rest

S tier characters can dominate the battlefield in the early stages of the game with their impeccable skills.

Miseng (ScoutWarrior)

Miseng is a little powerhouse! At the start of battle, she dashes towards the enemy, giving them a 300% ATK DMG hit and stuns them for 3 seconds. She follows up with another punch, dealing an extra 200% ATK DMG.

In her Good Things Come in Small Fist skill, she’ll give the enemies a hard beating, landing 8 punches that deal 80% ATK DMG each, and leaving them stiffened. She can also activate her Reflection mode, boosting her Long-Range Damage Resistance by 40% for 10 seconds. Any Long-Range Damage she receives during this time will be reflected back to the enemy, with a limit of 500% ATK DMG.

And when she’s had enough of playing nice, she goes into Berserker Mode. For 10 seconds, she becomes immune to status effects and gets 40% boost in ATK and Swiftness.

Rozéal (Wave Controller Support)

Rozéal is the Shinsu-powered charmer! She’s got some nifty skills that can help her allies.

First off, Shinsu Blessing skill boosts ATK of Green element allies by a cracking 16% at the start of the battle. The Shinsu of Healing is her healing charm which recovers two allies with the lowest HP by 300% ATK and boosts their DEF by 20% for 7 seconds.

And if those allies are Green element, she recovers 500% ATK and pumping up DEF by 60% for 7 seconds. With Shinsu Trap, she binds an enemy with Shinsu, stunning them for 3 seconds and dealing 300% ATK DMG. And their DEF takes a hit, reduced by 40%.

Lastly, her Whirlpool ability unleashes the Shinsu Whirlpool to knock nearby enemies back and clears her allies’ Debuffs and Status Effects. In that Whirlpool zone, allies’ HP recovers by 100% ATK per second for 5 seconds.

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Tower of God New World Tier List: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the core purpose of this tier list?

This Tower of God New World tier list helps new players identify the best characters in the game and build a powerful team for higher level battles.

How can I use this tier list to create my dream team?

To create your dream team, focus on selecting characters from the SSR+ and SSR tiers, as they have the most powerful abilities and synergies. You should consider building a balanced team with characters specializing in offense, defense, healing, and crowd control.

Should I focus on building a team around characters of the same element?

Building a team around characters of the same element can provide elemental synergies, but it’s not necessary. You should prioritize powerful characters with complementary skills and abilities, regardless of their elemental affinities.

That’s all for today from this updated Tower of God New World tier list for the current meta. We are committed to continually improving and updating the Tower of God New World tier list.

As we go deep into the game and test other characters, we will make sure to keep this guide up-to-date with the latest information.

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