Defense Derby tier list: Updated best character guide (December 2023)

Defense Derby isn’t your usual Tower Defense game. It’s a one-of-a-kind Betting Royale experience where you’ll be competing against three other players until only one comes out on top.

So, here’s how it goes: you start by recruiting primary units with Derby Chips. Now, making the right choice here is super important because each unit brings some special skills to the battlefield.

The main point is to protect your castle against ever-increasing hordes of monsters while also strategically deploying your troops to crush the opponents.

But listen, I noticed a lot of folks struggling to pick the right troops when I was looking around the official Defense Derby discord server.

So, to sort out this problem once and for all, I’ve created a Defense Derby tier list. Yes, after countless battles and loads of experience, I’ve put together this tier list.

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Defense Derby tier list: All characters ranked

Just a quick heads up, though, this Defense Derby tier list is based on my own observations and experiences. But no worries, you can always experiment and find your own playstyle, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Tier 1 (15 coins)

  • Frost Mage – With a 70% slow at 3 stars, this unit is a game-changer. Definitely worth the investment!

Tier 2 (14 coins)

  • Archer – Versatile damage and a superb attack speed boost at 3 stars, especially effective when paired with Amazon.
  • Floral Mage – Offers huge single-target long-range damage, much like dendroid with range.
  • Windy – Consistent high damage and versatility, a Floral mage equivalent.

Tier 3 (13 coins)

  • Apprentice – Sets up for the highest AOE damage in the game but requires some time to do so.
  • Swordsman – Easy to set up with high damage AOE.
  • Venomvine Witch – Watch enemies fall like dominoes once one unit dies.
  • Gargoyle – Efficiently applies pushback mines for reliable damage and utility.

Tier 4 (12 coins)

  • Viking – Average at 1 star, but at 2 stars and above, it becomes the highest single-target melee damage dealer with a 90% chance of success at 3 stars.
  • Elephant Bomber – Offers the most significant pushback but comes with slow attacks that might push units ahead instead of backward.
  • Paladin – Boasts a long-range stun to handle bosses, especially effective when combined with Apprentice.
  • Owlmancer – Critical for beast bosses but vulnerable to ping pong tactics.
  • Fire Mage – Excellent early to mid-game AOE damage.
  • Dendroid – A melee version of the Floral Mage.
  • Salamander – Impressive AOE damage capabilities.
  • Harpy – Utilize its strong single-target debuff to take out ogres.

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Tier 5 (11 coins)

  • Divine Warden – A solid boss killer and average against regular units.
  • Meow Mage – Empowers adjacent units, delivering decent personal damage.
  • Pygmea Yeti – A long-range stun is valuable against bosses but requires additional units to finish the job.
  • Dragon – Good AOE damage, but slightly slow attacks.
  • Amazon – Best late-game buff, truly shines at 15 coins in the later stages.
  • Rifleman – Average single-target long-range damage, extremely effective against bosses with crit.
  • Valkyrie – In a battle, her healing can change the final outcome.

Tier 6 (10 coins)

  • Wendigo – Average slow and melee damage.
  • Golem – Low damage and unreliable stun, but its AOE stun can work well in some situations.
  • Mermaid – Falls short with limited damage for a single-target melee unit without utility.
  • Cannoneer – Delivers good initial damage but lacks follow-up power.
  • Lupine – Boasts high single-target damage but requires precise coordination.
  • Cold Bow – Only hits three units at a time.

Tier 7 (9 coins)

  • Minotaur – Essential for crit buffs once you have a well-set-up team, but lacks damage or utility on its own.
  • Mouse – Collects coins, but the practicality is questionable, collecting only a few coins throughout a match.

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Defense Derby tier list FAQ


Who is the best character in Defense Derby?

The best character in Defense Derby can vary depending on your situation in each match. But, some units stand out for their unique talents and impact on the battlefield.

I would say the Frost Mage, with its 70% slow at 3 stars, is a game-changer and highly recommended.

How can I maximize my chances of winning in Defense Derby?

You must pay attention to unit types, factions, and attack ranges to deploy them properly.

Also, make use of the 3X3 BINGO deployment strategy to create powerful synergy effects between units.

How often does this Defense Derby tier list get updated?

It may change if there are major updates released by developers. It’s best to check back frequently for an updated tier list.

That’s all for today! We hope you liked this new and updated Defense Derby tier list for the global meta.

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