Roblox Type Soul Resurrección Guide Wiki

Today, I’ve got an epic Type Soul Resurrección guide right here to help you understand the power-packed Resurreccións of Storm, Bone, Slash, Acid, and Starrk.

We’ll break down skills, combos, and strategies of each Resurrección’s in this guide to help you become a powerful player.

Whether you’re a lightning-speed Storm enthusiast, a bone-crushing Bone fanatic, a bleeding-edge Slash master, a toxic Acid wielder, or a wolf-summoning Starrk aficionado, we’ve got you covered.

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Type Soul Resurrección Guide Wiki

Storm Resurrección:
Storm Resurrección:

Storm Resurrección:

Passive – Lighting Stacks: Each time you hit ‘Battery,’ you gain a stack and become faster. You can stack up to 6 times, making you the fastest player in the game.

Z – Stock: Teleport to the closest person and deliver a powerful hit. You can use this move up to 3 times in a row before it goes on cooldown.

X – Tempest: Wind up for a second and then unleash a kick that teleports you to the target. Hit them three times for maximum impact.

C – Battery: Teleport to your enemy and give them a shock while gaining a stack of lighting. There’s no cooldown for this move as long as you hit it.

2nd Variation: When you reach 6 stacks of lighting, channel your energy and soar into the air. Slam down with massive damage, creating a devastating AOE attack.

Bone Resurrección
Bone Resurrección

Bone Resurrección:

Spline (Z): Spin in a circle and shoot bone darts in all directions. If you hit your target, bone serpents will pursue them, dealing decent damage.

Rupurting (X): Lunge forward, stabbing your opponent multiple times with bones and slowing them down.

Encasing (C): Create a massive black hole with bones, gradually shrinking it until it reaches you. Trap your enemies in darkness and deliver a bone-crushing finale.

Slash Resurrección
Slash Resurrección

Slash Resurrección:

Passive – Unknown: After every 4 basic attacks (M1s), your target starts bleeding on the 4th hit. Keep an eye out for the indicator squares, signaling your devastating bleed effect.

Unknown (Z): Swing your weapon three times, unleashing projectile slices that trigger your passive, causing bleeding.

Unknown (X): Perform a lunging grab, flipping your opponent and slamming them into the ground. This move also triggers the bleed effect. Knock them down and follow up with deadly combos.

Unknown (C): Rapidly stab your opponent with the wrist-mounted swords, extending your combo potential with the X move. Although it doesn’t trigger the passive on multiple hits, it sets you up for solid combos.

Acid Resurrección
Acid Resurrección

Acid Resurrección:

Contaminant (Z): Take to the skies and launch 4 poisonous cero bombs, inflicting the poison status on anyone hit.

Taint (X): Shoot out 10 poison-infused cero orbs that explode after 2 seconds, poisoning anyone caught in their blast radius.

2nd Variation (While in the air): Combine the X and Z moves to create a poisonous cloud upon slamming down. Enemies within the cloud will take ongoing poison damage.

Starrk Resurrección
Starrk Resurrección

Starrk Resurrección:

(Unknown Name) (Z): Fires a shot from gun, dealing light damage, and then flash steps to the victim’s flank, firing another shot. This move is perfect for zoning and repositioning, with invincibility frames at the start.

Wolves (C): Summon several wolves made from your soul. These wolves auto-track and stun-lock the nearest non-partied opponent, making it ideal for catching runners and initiating combos.

Sword Mode (X): Switch to a melee-focused stance that changes your available skills.

Sonido Cleave (C): Utilize quicksteps to rush your opponent and unleash two uppercuts that won’t knock them back. This move is perfect for starting combos and keeping the pressure on.

Buster (V): Deliver a powerful downward cleave followed by a massive cero blast for massive damage. Both hits of this move will guard break, leaving your enemies defenseless.

So there you have it! A comprehensive Type Soul Resurrección guide for beginners. Choose your preferred Resurrección, master its unique skills, and dominate the game with your newfound power.