How To Become Vizard In TYPE SOUL? (Easy Guide 2024)

In this complete Vizard guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to transform into a super cool emo character and harness the unique abilities of the Vizard race.

Though the process might seem simple at first glance, it can be a tad tricky. But worry not, I’ve got you covered!

So, let’s dive into the details and discover the steps to become a Vizard in TYPE SOUL.

Step 1: Become a Soul Reaper

Soul Reaper In TYPE SOUL
Image by Clashiverse

Before you can embrace the power of the Vizard, you must first become a Soul Reaper. This initial step is relatively simple and intuitive, setting the foundation for your transformation.

Step 2: Gather Hogyoku Fragments

Once you have taken the role of a Soul Reaper, your next objective is to collect Hogyoku fragments. While previously you only needed five fragments, the requirement may have increased to ten.

Therefore, it is recommended to gather a minimum of five to ten fragments to ensure success.

Step 3: Raid Other Players’ Home Bases

You must take part in raids on other players’ home bases to earn Hogyoku fragments. These raids take place all throughout, including in Hueco Mundo, Quincy Place, and Society.

To improve your chances, you have to take part in raid battles and defeat opponents. These fragments have a drop rate of about 0.5%, making them quite uncommon in the game.

Step 4: Click on Hogyoku Fragments

Once you’ve collected the required number of Hogyoku fragments, you can start your transformation. Click on the Hogyoku fragments you’ve collected to witness the amazing transformation into a Vizard.

Accept your new form, complete upcoming quests with your new found abilities and a cool appearance.

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