How To Get Vasto Lorde In TYPE SOUL? (Guide 2024)

In this Vasto Lorde guide, we will look at how you can get Vasto Lorde in the popular Type Soul game on Roblox.

Vasto Lorde is a highly popular character, and I’ll walk you through the steps to help you unlock it easily.

So without wasting any time, let’s dive right into this guide!

Step 1: Collecting Hogyoku Fragments

Hogyoku fragments
Image by TulipLovin

To begin, you have to gather 15 Hogyoku fragments. Obtaining these fragments can be difficult as the drop rate from Hometown raids is only 0.5%, making it tough to collect even a single fragment.

So, continue grinding until you have collected the required amount.

Step 2: Hollow to Ajuka Transformation

Hollow to Ajuka Transformation
Image by TulipLovin

Once you have the 15 Hogyoku fragments, proceed to transform into Hollow to Ajuka. Additionally, you’ll need to acquire 80 mask cracks. You can obtain mask cracks by dealing damage to Hollow to Ajuka’s NPC during battles.

If you deal all the damage, you are guaranteed to receive a mask crack. But, if someone else also damages the NPC, the chance of obtaining a mask crack decreases. It is possible to obtain additional mask cracks from other players who possess them.

Keep in mind that fighting other players is not recommended until you reach step two, as defeating them will result in them losing eight masks while you gain only one.

Step 3: Bring on the 1v1 Showdown

Compete in a one-on-one (1v1) battle with another player who is also at this stage after you have 80 mask cracks. To identify players on step two, look for the visual cue of an albino Ajuka, distinguished by white hair and red accents.

Once you’ve found a suitable opponent, enter in a 1v1 battle and win.

Step 4: Locate the Vasto Lorde NPC

After winning the 1v1 battle, a text notification will indicate the appearance of a Vasto Lorde NPC somewhere on the game map.

Your task now is to locate and start a 1v1 battle with this NPC. Be on the lookout for the visual effect matching your own face to identify the correct NPC.

Step 5: Defeating the Vasto Lorde NPC

To beat the Vasto Lorde NPC, I recommend spamming the M2 ability and staying behind them, utilizing back attacks. This tactic should make it simpler to deal massive damage while still winning.

Step 6: Embrace the Vasto Lorde Transformation

Congratulations, my friend! You’ve defeated the Vasto Lorde NPC and earned your stripes. Now, it’s time to consume the fallen NPC’s body in the game.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll respawn as a powerful Vasto Lorde character. Don’t forget to remove your mask to fully embrace your newfound transformation!

While the journey to becoming a Vasto Lorde in Type Soul can be challenging, it offers a unique and exciting experience.

Note that the rewards for achieving this transformation may not be as substantial as expected, with only five SP points being granted.

Nevertheless, if you’re up for the challenge and desire to embrace this particular transformation, follow the steps that I have outlined above

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