Whisper of Shadow: Best Team Composition/Lineup 2024

In terms of team composition in Whisper of Shadow, the current meta suggests using 1 tank, 2 healers, and 2 DPS.

Here’s a breakdown of your options:

Best Team Compositions in Whisper of Shadow


You can choose the tank that best complements your team’s needs. Knights are known for their strong individual sustainability and the ability to reduce physical damage taken.

For this role, I recommend considering Kana and Atlaus. Alternatively, Guardians enhance party sustainability and reduce magic damage taken. Midas is currently the top choice, as he can provide two buffs and cast two debuffs on your enemies.

Other solid Guardian options include Andre, Gilda for a more defensive approach, and Tetraites or Valon for an offensive strategy.


I recommend using one Priest who can dispel debuffs, like Hypnos, Jacqueline, and Aryan. The second healer should be an Astrologer, and there are several excellent options available like Marta, Estelle, And Vilda.

The top three recommended Astrologers are Gildor, Fitz, and Medea, as their buffs are exceptional compared to other Astrologers.


For your DPS slots, consider having one single-target attacker and one multiple-target attacker. For physical damage, single-target options include Angola, Lagertha, and Lydia.

If you prefer magic damage, excellent choices are Thanatos, Karima, and Ymir. For multiple-target physical damage, consider Isabelle, Aether, or Holmas. If you prefer magic damage in this category, go for Natalie, Lamia, or Lofils.

All the heroes I’ve recommended above are considered top-tier, and while they may be challenging to upgrade due to the rarity of their duplicates, they can still be effective even at ‘heroic’ quality.

Feel free to experiment with heroes other than the recommended ones if you believe they are a good fit for your team. I also welcome any feedback, criticism, or suggestions from the community to continuously improve and adapt this guide.

Early Setup/Lineup

In the early game, you have the flexibility to use a wide range of team compositions. The key is to maintain a balance between offence and defence. However, it’s crucial to remember that you should avoid upgrading your units to Legend quality.

Once a unit reaches Legend quality, you won’t be able to revert and retrieve your breakthrough materials. Therefore, it’s recommended to limit your unit upgrades to Saga+ quality.

Early in the game, you have quite a bit of flexibility in your team composition, but I strongly recommend using at least one healer.

To provide you with some examples of early-game team compositions, I’ve included pictures below for reference.


There isn’t much to say about PvP since it largely follows the same compositions as those mentioned in the General section.

However, in PvP, it’s crucial to have a robust tank to absorb the enemy attacks, ensuring your DPS units can stay alive.

A decent healer is also essential to bolster the team’s survivability. To illustrate these concepts, I’ve included screenshots of an example of an ineffective PvP team.

The picture on the left demonstrates minimal healing output, primarily because it relies on a single healer, St. Marta. St. Marta’s healing capabilities are limited, especially when not paired with another astrologer who can heal all allies.

Conversely, the picture on the right showcases impressive healing output. However, it’s essential to note that the tank in this formation is taking very little damage.

This indicates that the tank may perish prematurely, leading to a breakdown in the formation, and making it easier for the enemy to eliminate their DPS units.

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